See what happened to the dog after falling through ice in New York…

Nov. 23 (UPI) — New York City’s Department of Animal Control officers came to the aid of a dog that had broken through the ice of a lake that was only partially frozen and was fighting to swim to safety.

Animal control police were called to Green Lake on Wednesday morning after a dog was reported missing after falling through the thin ice in the lake, according to a post made by the Orchard Park Police Department on Facebook.

“When we got there, the dog was struggling to stay afloat in the water and was on the edge of passing out.

A catch pole was also utilized in addition to ropes in order to extract the dog from the water “the comment stated.

The local fire service advised residents not to venture out onto the thin ice that covers the ponds and lakes in the vicinity, saying that the recent rescue should serve as a reminder.

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