Selma Blair reveals how she and Christina Applegate are supporting each other through their battles with multiple sclerosis…

Both Selma Blair in 2018 and Christina Applegate in 2021 were diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, and ever since their diagnoses, the two actresses have been supporting and assisting one another.

Blair, who is now 50 years old, recounted to Entertainment Tonight that she had mentioned to Applegate that she was available “if you need help with canes and that stuff,” because she is “very into all of that,” which includes all the items that help her get around.

In reference to Applegate’s progress in mastering her new gait, Blair was quoted as saying to the publication, “She’s getting it locked down.” “She has a lot of things to take care of. It’s a lot, but she’s still as intelligent and gorgeous as she was before.”

After working together in the movie “The Sweetest Thing” in 2002, the two have maintained a close friendship ever since.

Oh, I’ve known Christina for a good portion of her life. “I’m just a fan of hers, and we’re pretty close,” Blair added. “We’re really tight.”

“She is the quintessential example of the classic California girl actress from my generation, and she is it. She stated, “There is not one thing that she has done in which I have not been like, ‘Nailed it,’ and she is nailing it simply by being who she is with this MS.”

Blair remarked of Applegate that “she was witty and… her performance was spectacular” when she was recently honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Blair expressed her satisfaction at being able to show her support for Applegate by attending the event.

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She went on to explain that her goal was to “just quietly back there see the greats in the lives of my friends and to know that I was there for something that we dream about when we are tiny.” “I just want to witness the greats in my friends’ life,” she said.

Because of her ongoing health issues, Blair just recently quit the ABC show “Dancing with the Stars.”

“I’ve been under close observation, and I’ve been in contact with my physician… She shared the news with her partner, Sasha Farber, on the fifth episode of the show. “I had MRIs, and the findings came back, and it all adds up to, I can’t carry on with the competition,” she said. “I have exerted as much effort as I possibly could. My body has been weakened by my chronic condition, which calls for additional concerns to be taken into account. It’s much beyond what’s healthy for my bones to take in at one time. Only severe bone damage and inflammation are present.”

Blair shared that Applegate is present for her on these and countless other occasions throughout her life.

“Christina has not wavered in her support for me,” she stated. “She is nothing but a tough cookie,” “She is, in all honesty. She is such a caretaker and protector. If there is anything you need, she is currently at your home. There have been times when something had come loose, and she would say something like, “I’m outside. ‘Please come to the door.’ She is simply incredible, powerful, and entertaining.

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