Shocking: Do you know who Is Bachelorette Gabby Windey’s Final Suitor?

Get to know Erich Schwer.

Before he appeared on season 19 of The Bachelorette in July, his ABC bio called him “a handsome guy whose quiet confidence is hard to ignore.”

It also said that he is “low-key, funny, outdoorsy, a little mysterious, and has a fun side.”

After another “dramatic season” of the popular reality show on ABC, the 29-year-old man from New Jersey seems to have found the right person.

Throughout the season, Schwer was the favorite to win Gabby Windey’s heart, but in the end, he was the only one left.

Schwer has been in the spotlight for a long time, but it hasn’t always been easy for her, especially in the past few weeks. When an old photo of Schwer in high school wearing blackface showed up online in early September, it caused a lot of trouble.

Even though he said sorry on Instagram for his “offensive and hurtful behavior,” Schwer got into trouble again later in the month.

This time, it was his ex-girlfriend who caused trouble. She leaked supposed text messages that said she and Schwer were still together when he was cast. Schwer hasn’t said anything about the accusations in public yet.

Here’s everything you need to know about Windey’s last suitor before the end of the Bachelorette.

According to his LinkedIn, Schwer went to the University of Massachusetts Amherst in 2011 and studied both small and large scale economics.

After only one year, he switched to Elon University, where he got a bachelor’s degree in marketing with a focus on professional sales and graduated in 2015.

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Schwer moved from New Jersey to Los Angeles, California, to work as an acquisitions analyst in the real estate business before she was cast on The Bachelorette.

Schwer has posted a number of pictures of himself on Instagram with his motorcycle. During his hometown date, he even drove Windey around.

He wrote in the caption of a picture of Windey sitting on the back of his motorcycle at Natirar Park in New Jersey, “Such an unforgettable day, lucky to have shared it with you.”

Schwer is a big surfer and skier, which shows that he loves thrills. There’s no doubt that he’s athletic, whether he’s tearing up the waves at Manhattan Beach, California, or flying down the slopes at Stratton, Vermont.

Schwer is always out exploring the outdoors, even when he’s not skiing or surfing. He is always out in nature, whether he is white water rafting, paragliding, fly fishing, or riding a dirt bike.

Besides that, he is always going places. Schwer stays busy outside of his home town of Bedminster, New Jersey, by going on hikes in Colorado and traveling around California.

Schwer’s dad, Allan, went on the hometown date and “really liked Gabby,” but he never got to see his son’s season of The Bachelorette. Allan died on July 6, just five days before the start of season 19. He was 65 years old.

Allan told the audience during the episode that he had been in the ICU for about 40 days with appendix cancer before Schwer and Windey showed up for their hometown date.

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Allan told Schwer and ICU nurse Windey, “But I’m still here.” “I’m happy. I’m hopeful, so that’s a good thing. I really respect the nurses in the ICU. They are so pointed.”

Schwer applied to be on The Bachelorette because he was serious about meeting the right person.

“He doesn’t want to be in a relationship just to be in a relationship,” his ABC bio said before the season. “The next time he commits, it’s for the long haul.”

His ideal partner is someone who is “easygoing, selfless, and communicative.” His bio says that he “doesn’t have a type,” but it also says that “he’s often drawn to taller women.”

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