Shocking Wedding… When Beach Wedding is Rained Out, Stranger Runs Up to Bride and Offers…

If something unfortunate were to happen on a person’s wedding day, it would likely be one of the most traumatic experiences of their life.

This kind of destruction is what Dulce Gonzalez felt when a monster storm rained on her beach wedding.

Ariel, the groom, and the bride, both 24, had always dreamed of being married on the beaches of Pascagoula, Mississippi, where they had first met and begun dating.

There was supposed to be a wedding in the last week of June, but Mother Nature had other ideas.

From their cars, Gonzalez and the other wedding guests hoped the rain would stop. Fortunately, they weren’t the only ones keeping an eye on things.

Cynthia Strunk, 67, and her husband spent the day at their beach property, observing as the Gonzalez couple got ready for their wedding.

The Strunks have lived at their current home since 1999 and have witnessed scores of weddings on the beach, but never one that was canceled due to bad weather.

Cynthia, distraught by the situation, hurried up to the bride’s car without an umbrella and urged Dulce that they should just have the ceremony at their beach house.

Strunk told The Washington Post that at that time, “the bride’s mother started crying” and that Gonzalez “said thank you” with tears in her eyes.

Cynthia only needed five minutes to get everything ready at home. She told the Post that the Strunks usually have a pretty messy house because of their grandchildren, but that luck was on their side this time because the house was clean and they were prepared with dozens of folding chairs for their large family because they are used to hosting large family reunions.

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With “as much care as if it were her own daughter’s wedding,” Cynthia adorned one of their larger rooms.

Dulce was “struck” when she witnessed the wedding guests ushered into the house under the protection of umbrellas.

The way they had everything set up made it look like we had planned it, Gonzalez added. This was the best possible outcome. I informed my husband that God sent us two young angels in the form of the Strunk children.

With a stunning view of the rainy beach outside the windows, the little wedding went off without a hitch. Dulce’s father gave a speech after the wedding in which he expressed his gratitude to the Strunks for their generosity.

Strunk gushed to the Post about the family, saying, “The father was just so appreciative and they were just such gracious, great people.” “We were just pleased to do it, and we didn’t see it as something out of the ordinary.”

Since their impromptu indoor wedding, the newlyweds have stayed in touch with the Strunks via various forms of social media.

The Gonzalezes celebrated the Fourth of July with the elderly couple by bringing them cake and flowers, and Dulce has promised to cook them a meal soon.

They also suggested that if Dulce has kids in the future, she bring them over to show them where it all began for her and her husband, and Dulce says she would be pleased to do so.

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