Sissy Spacek & Husband Made It to 50 Years Yet They Saved Money for a Possible Divorce Right after Marriage

Hollywood couple Sissy Spacek and Jack Fisk were initially skeptical about marriage, so much so that they anticipated divorce and even set aside money in case they separated. Spacek believes she and Fisk met by chance. The lovebirds have been married for five decades and have endured “battles” together.

Veteran actress Sissy Spacek and her husband, director Jack Fisk, have been married for 50 years despite being skeptical about marriage when they first wed.

Within their union, the couple welcomed two children, Schuyler and Madison, who they raised away from the limelight, and have two grandkids.

Actors Madison Fisk, Sissy Spacek, Schuyler Fisk and film production designer Jack Fisk arrive at the premiere of Broad Green Pictures’ “Knight Of Cups” on March 1, 2016 in Los Angeles, California | Source: Getty Images

During an interview with Esquire Magazine, Spacek shared marital advice following five decades of marriage. “50 years. It’s crazy. It goes so fast,” she said before adding:

“Just pick your battles.”

The singer explained that after being married for so long, sometimes her spouse gets under her skin which can cause a reaction. However, she added that such comes with a long-term commitment, going through different hurdles that become deeper than they are.

The couple did experience challenges throughout their marriage, but those difficulties made their love story even more unique and fascinating.

How Spacek Knew Life with Fisk Would Be ‘Eventful’

Spacek and Fisk met in their twenties on the set of “Badlands” in 1974. She was starting her acting career, playing the lead character, Holly, while he was the art director for the film, and the starlet recounted looking around the room to see who was more attractive:

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“I remember looking around and thinking, ‘OK, who’s the cutest one here?’ He was definitely the cutest.”

Shortly after the meeting, the pair had an eventful experience. In an interview with Texas Monthly, Spacek recalled that Fisk had built a treehouse on a river.

Jack Fisk and Sissy Spacek during Stephen Bishop Opening – Hollywood, California at The Roxy in Hollywood, California | Source: Getty Images

He asked her to ride home with him on a boat, and off they went. While on their way, they came across a flash flood, leading the vessel to sink. Spacek said that was when she knew that life with Fisk would be eventful moving forward.

During an appearance on “The Camera Off Show” in October 2018, the Academy Award winner reflected on their courtship while working on “Badlands.”

She admitted to making the first move in the early stages of their courtship. While on location, Spacek offered Fisk a strawberry shake, and he happily accepted it even after she drank half it. That was when their romance blossomed.

Fisk & Spacek Never Thought Their Marriage Would Last

In 1983, Spacek told People that she and Fisk never foresaw a long-term commitment toward each other, saying, “We never expected a lifelong relationship.”

The Texas native confessed that they were skeptical about the institution of marriage and even saved up money for their perceived eventual divorce:

“In fact, we even opened a bank account and put $30 in it because that’s how much it cost to get divorced.”

However, their time together throughout the years proved them wrong, and Spacek now believes that only death can break them apart: “Now I think it would take something dramatic like death to end it.”

Jack Fisk pictured with his daughters Schuyler Fisk and Madison Fisk and his wife Sissy Spacek at the “Snow Day” premiere | Source: Getty Images

The couple walked down the aisle in 1974 in a private ceremony at a California chapel. They have since maintained their decades-long marriage while working together on movie projects.

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Apart from sharing an agent, Fisk and his wife have collaborated on several successful films together, including “Carrie,” “Violets Are Blue,” and “Raggedy Man”.

Spacek left Hollywood during the peak of her career and escaped to the countryside in 1981. They raised their daughters on a 210-acre horse farm in central Virginia.

Per Country Living, Fisk and Spacek managed to balance keeping a low profile and working together in Hollywood. Because of their shared passion, they have kept the business side of things going for so long.

Sissy Spacek and her husband Jack Fisk arrive at the 18th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards at The Shrine Auditorium on January 29, 2012 in Los Angeles, California | Source: Getty Images

Spacek told The Huffington Post that throughout the 1970s, she and the Illinois native collaborated on almost every movie together. They supported each other because they knew the ins and outs of showbiz. After all, it was what brought them together in the first place.

Their love for movie-making is “something we continue to share”, said Spacek. Their teamwork equally contributes to strengthening their bond.

Fisk considers him and Spacek “lucky” because they have “enjoyed” their life together. His wife said she learned much from him over the years and dubbed him an incredible creative.

“He’s phenomenal, and I learned so much from him about the artist’s life. You have to give everything up and be focused when you’re working. We’ve shared that,” said the three-time Golden Globe Award winner.

Spacek Saved Her Husband’s Life Three Times

Spacek said doing things with Fisk was fun since the beginning of their relationship while revealing that she saved his life three times because he got too invested in a film. There was a time when she yelled stop at him while filming in the desert, and luckily, she got to him on time.

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Spacek explained that Fisk had set three big bonfires a mile away from where they were shooting a scene at night. She and some co-stars were in an old van with no front end.

When the director, Terry, said “action”, Fisk realized that one of the bonfires had gone out, and he rushed across the desert to get to the bonfires to avoid ruining the scene. His wife revealed they were driving 60 to 70 miles an hour with no headlights; Terry then cut the scene.

After that, Fisk turned on the headlights, and they discovered a 20-foot drop-off of a massive gully wash five feet in front of them. “That was the first time I saved his life,” she told photographer Sam Jones.

Jack Fisk and Sissy Spacek during 1993 Cable Ace Awards at Pantage Theater in Los Angeles, California | Source: Getty Images

In an interview with Closer Weekly in August 2018, the “Night Sky” star got candid about what keeps her marriage with the Oscar-winning director going.

“He’s got this fabulous sense of humor it’s so bad that it’s good – and he’s the most creative person I’ve ever met. A lot of it is just luck,” said Spacek.

We wish this beautiful couple many more years together.