Taxi driver said he feels too tired to drive. What the young lady did astonished him…

Every passenger may have just exited the taxi and looked for another one when the taxi driver declared he was too sleepy to drive, but this one lady chose to do the opposite.

When she offered to drive the cab herself and let the drowsy 70-year-old taxi driver sleep at the rear of the vehicle, Christina Tan from the Philippines may have the kindest heart.

At first, everything seemed normal. When Christina boarded the cab, the driver proceeded to drive as usual. They also engaged in a lengthy discussion on the elderly taxi driver, who should really be sleeping at home but instead is still working. He said that even though he is getting older, he still needs to be motivated to work since he has a family to support.

But after a little while, he told her to get out of the cab and find another one since he was so exhausted that he was unable to open his eyes.

Then Christina had a thought and decided to drive the cab instead. The male initially disagreed with her, but she persisted in doing it anyhow.
Christina said that the elderly man dozed out immediately and was even snoring! He must have been worn out from all the driving, especially in the busy streets.

Then Christina snapped a photo of them both and shared it on Facebook. Many sincere and kind comments complimenting Christina for her good efforts were left on the post. It is always pleasing to observe how kindly we may be to one another.

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After all, we don’t live in a community; we live in a competition.

Bravo, Christina! To improve this universe, kindly tell others about this short story.

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