Teen Mom: Family Reunion Sneak Peek: Amber Portwood Says She Doesn’t Believe She’s a ‘Good Mother’

Teen Mom: Family Reunion has Amber Portwood discussing how she perceives herself as a mother.

In an exclusive look at Tuesday’s episode, life coach and psychology specialist Dr. Cheyenne Bryant leads another group session with the show’s moms. ..

This time, each lady is forced to mention something positive about herself, and those who agree are instructed to rise.

When Maci Bookout declares that she is a “good mother,” everyone except Amber, age 31, stands. Dr. Bryant then inquires as to why Amber does not believe the phrase to be applicable to her life.

Amber admits, “Sometimes I don’t feel like a mother.” “I let my anger kind of take over my life. I simply was not a good mother.

I wasn’t there when my daughter needed me because I was a drug addict and in jail for fighting.”

Dr. Bryant asks Amber, “What actions have you taken to become a good mother?” Amber responds, “I’ve simply just tried to be there for my daughter and my son as much as I can.”

Amber states, “I’ve changed myself as a result of taking better intervention and anger management programs,” adding that she does observe a shift within herself..,

“When I went to prison, I turned my life around, but a few of years ago I relapsed.”

“A decade passed in between,” she continues. “And it’s like, every time I have a child, I’m likely to screw up.”

Amber believes that her acts thus far do not qualify her as a “good mother” because she continues “f—-ing up.”

Amber has a 13-year-old daughter with Gary Shirley and a 3-year-old boy with Andrew Glennon. The tumultuous relationship between the mother of two and Leah has also been well-documented.

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Last year, during the Teen Mom OG season 9 reunion, Amber had a heated argument with Gary, 35, when she discovered that he had taken their daughter to a therapist without her knowledge.

Gary stated that he did not wish to violate Leah’s confidence by disclosing her counseling sessions to Amber.

“The point is, I’m the mother. I need to comprehend what Leah is experiencing, so I believe the necessary communication should exist “In response, Amber stated at the time.

“I concur that Leah is a minor. She is not of legal age. She is not required to say anything, but you may inform me.”

Teen Mom: Family Reunion airs on MTV every Tuesday at 8 p.m. ET.

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