The 89-year-old Joan Collins Is “Ageless” as She Pose Poolside in a Leopard Print Swimsuit…

A celebrity in every sense of the term, Dame Joan Collins is an iconic figure. She was born on the 23rd of May in 1933, and she spent her childhood in London, England. She has been acknowledged for her abilities as a novelist as well as a columnist, and she has been a prominent performer for many decades. She is also known for her talents as a writer.

After completing her studies at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art when she was still a teenager, Collins went on to have success as an actress throughout the 1950s. As her acting career progressed, she was cast in a variety of movies and television episodes, including “The Road to Hong Kong” in 1962, “These Old Broads” in 2001, and “American Horror Story: Apocalypse” in 2018. Her most recent role was in “American Horror Story: Apocalypse” in 2018.

Collins is best known for her performance as Alexis Colby in the television soap opera “Dynasty,” which she played from 1981 through 1989 and for which she received a great deal of acclaim and fame. With a career that began in the 1950s and continues into the present day, it should come as no surprise that she has been the recipient of a significant number of honors and distinctions throughout the course of her lifetime. In recognition of her work in the community, Queen Elizabeth II bestowed upon her the title of Dame in 2015.

These days, Collins is taking charge of her own story and telling it to the public by publishing a book including her journal entries and making a documentary about her life. Collins has continued to thrive and is still creating waves for women of all ages because she does not allow the more negative aspects of the entertainment business prevent her from achieving her goals and accomplishing her aspirations. Collins is making sure that her words remain the primary emphasis, despite the fact that people are still captivated by her appearance, particularly her legs, at the age of 89.

Collins’ performance as Alexis on “Dynasty” was a defining point in her career. It solidified her standing as an actor and served as a model for numerous performers who came after her in the industry. Because the event itself was so significant, it was also the inspiration for a new television series that debuted in 2017 under the same name and starred Elizabeth Gillies as Fallon, who is Alexis’ daughter.

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Collins has been honored throughout the years for many amazing qualities; nevertheless, in recent times, she has gotten an abundance of compliments on how lovely her physique is, despite the fact that she is 88 years old. On January 16, 2022, the beautiful actress flaunted her toned and long legs in a breathtaking snapshot that she uploaded to her Instagram account. Her ensemble consisted of a black dress that had a high split in the front, a feathery shawl, and a diamond necklace. She commented on the photo by writing, “Perfect dress for a casual stroll!” in the post.

The outfit reportedly received a lot of positive feedback from readers of Hello! Magazine. Someone said, “As glamorous as they usually are and looking like a million bucks!” Someone someone said, “Remnants of Alexis, I believe. Absolutely stunning and wonderful in every way. You alone are capable of carrying off such glitz. I adore it. I adore it. “I adore it.”

Collins, who is regarded as an icon, has constantly made use of her platform and her voice in order to tell her tale to the people of the globe, therefore educating them about the less glamorous side of the entertainment industry. In October of 2021, she released a book titled “My Unapologetic Diaries,” which had a number of journal entries that went into depth on the celebrity’s own personal experiences.

The actress and novelist was asked about her experiences with “predatory” men when she was just starting out in her profession during an interview that was broadcast on BBC Radio 4’s “Woman Hour.” She responded by discussing how she dealt with these individuals. Collins provided an explanation by saying, “It didn’t simply start when I moved to Hollywood.” “I started working when I was 16 years old, and that’s when it all began.”

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Collins did not allow anything to deter her from following her goals throughout her life, not even the improper ways in which men treated her when she was younger. She went on to explain that she had learnt to laugh at everything as a means of overcoming difficult circumstances and moving on with her life. She said that she got through it by having a lot of good laughs. “Men can’t take it when you make fun of them and laugh,” you say.

On an episode of “This Morning” from the year 2017, Collins discussed the same issue. She also claimed that her father did not want her to pursue a career in the entertainment sector due to the presence of “evil guys.” Collins claimed that at first, she was clueless about what he meant by the phrase, but she eventually comprehended it after going on a casting call and being requested to adjust her outfit in order to seem more exposing for a job that had just one line. Collins said that Marilyn Monroe had once offered her some words of wisdom, telling her to “Watch out for the wolves in Hollywood, honey.”

A BBC documentary entitled “This Is Joan Collins” was shown on January 1, 2022. The film used home archival video as well as important events from Collins’s career. Collins was in charge of the project. As the documentary is viewed through Collins’ “personal rollercoaster seven decades in entertainment,” the publication Express claims that Collins did not want the “really harsh, terrible, mean, spiteful stuff from critics” to be included in the film.

Collins said, “I said I’d rather not have them in because I’m a really happy person and I just always look on the bright side, and so I didn’t want those in the documentary.” She added that she felt this way because she always looks on the bright side of things. I simply didn’t see the sense in it, you know; individuals are free to come to their own conclusions.”

Collins informed her devoted following about the activities she participated in over the holiday season of 2022, one of which was a swim, which she performed while clad in a bikini with a leopard print pattern. Collins seemed to be the embodiment of a movie star as she stood in a pool of dazzling blue water while wearing a one-piece swimsuit covered in leopard print, large black sunglasses, gold jewelry, and red lipstick with matching nails.

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The legendary actress shared her experience of a beautiful Christmas Day on Instagram, writing, “Had a fantastic #christmasday – 82F in #beverlyhills so was able to #swim and then a wonderful #lunch with the Bricusse’s- thank you @adambricusse and Evie!” in the caption.

In addition to that, she sent a picture that showed her and her husband, Percy Gibson, who is 58 years old, swimming together. Another shot showed her clothed in what seemed to be a nightgown as she received gifts while sitting on a sofa. Another photo showed Collins having Christmas brunch, which she thanked her hosts for in the comment of the photo. In it, she was seen drinking a glass of wine while wearing a sophisticated outfit consisting of a white shirt and red tartan pants.

The diva received a lot of appreciation from her devoted followers for how beautiful she looked despite being 89 years old. One person said, “… you look very stunning in your leopard print swimsuit!” Meanwhile, another commented as follows:

“You look better at 89 than I do at 57, which is just not fair at all, haha. Joan, you haven’t lost any of your beauty!”

Another supporter chimed in: “ageless !!! Nobody cares about your age except you! The pursuit of sexiness never ends.” That is without a doubt something that Collins is demonstrating to be true!

Earlier in December, Collins joined forces with another attractive icon when she uploaded a selfie with former “Charlie’s Angels” actress Jaclyn Smith, 77, when they were both attending a Christmas party. In the caption of a stunning shot of the two legendary actresses, Collins referred to them as the “TV leading women of the 80s.” The question “Do any of you age?” was posed by a fan and is maybe the one that says it best.

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