The ‘awful’ details of Kirstie Alley’s 13-year marriage to a man who demanded $13.5 million in child support…

Parker Stevenson and Kirstie Alley appeared to be in a happy marriage up until the actor made a startling divorce announcement and sued Alley for spousal support.

In the television series “Cheers,” where she co-starred with actor Ted Danson and won a Golden Globe and an Emmy, Kirstie Alley gained international recognition.

Throughout her career, she was romantically linked to well-known stars like John Travolta and Ted Danson, but the actress didn’t date any of them.

She initially married Bob Alley in 1970; their union lasted seven years. In 1981, she met actor Parker Stevenson, who would become her second husband.

Stevenson made his acting debut in the 1971 movie “A Separate Peace” while still a senior at Brooks School. Young Kirstie Alley watched him in the film and fell in love with him.

But it wasn’t until a few years later that they actually had their first encounter. Alley, who was also in the bar with her roommate, noticed Stevenson there with a date. As soon as possible, she said to her roommate:

“I would die for him.”

Stevenson and Alley danced together at the conclusion of the day, and they were together ever after. Two gorgeous children and a 14-year marriage would result from their relationship.

Alley and Stevenson enjoyed making fun of and challenging each other early on in their marriage. In their 32-room mansion in Encino, California, the former, an animal enthusiast, kept up to 50 dogs, cats, possums, geese, and other creatures.

The couple reportedly had a very amusing sexual relationship, and Alley, who is very forthright, thanked her husband during her award acceptance speech for the film “Cheers” at the 1991 Emmys for delivering her “the big one.”

Alley revealed that she and Stevenson will keep trying to conceive a child but would also think about adoption after sadly experiencing a miscarriage. William, their first child, was adopted in 1992, and Lillie followed two years later.

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The pair was also well-known for their extravagant parties and extravagant spending, which included their yearly $25,000 Halloween party and $15,000 after-hours shopping trips for the kids at F.A.O. Schwarz.

However, William Stevenson changed for the better after they adopted their first kid. His work life was affected by it as well, and he stopped finding younger jobs intriguing.

He then accepted a part in the science fiction film “Official Denial,” where the actor had his hair removed to portray a man who had been kidnapped by aliens.

When he returned home, William, who was barely a year old, merely stared at him, while Kelley resisted him for approximately 12 hours.

Alley added that she thinks any arrangement should have a boss, and in her marriage, Stevenson served as the boss.

The mother of two further clarified that Stevenson would not even want her to face a trespasser if one broke into their home, which was sweet. Despite these factors, their marriage had begun to deteriorate, and it wasn’t long before they made their divorce announcement.

After it was revealed that the couple intended to annul their marriage, Alley said the reason for their separation was not adultery on either party’s side, but rather that they both had different life objectives.

Stevenson concurred with Alley when he said that the actor and he are polar opposites and that, despite being thrilling, their differences were detrimental to their marriage.

The actor also acknowledged that it was miraculous that they were able to stay married for as long as they did. Stevenson and Alley divorced each other separately a few months after they had split up, citing irreconcilable reasons.

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Alley was at the pinnacle of her career at the time of their breakup, appearing alongside Ted Danson in “Cheers,” so Stevenson filed for spousal support.

He asked for enough money to continue the extravagant way of life they had when they were married, including $18,000 a month to cover the rent on a house in Bel Air.

The actor also asked for $75,000 a month in child support until the two adopted children, who are 3 and 5 years old, reach adulthood. Stevenson asserted that while once being a highly sought-after actor himself, his earnings were significantly less than those of Alley. In the end, the actor agreed to a $6 million lump sum payment.

During the divorce settlement, Stevenson received a portion of the couple’s assets, including their 21-bedroom house in Maine. Both members of the couple get to spend a lot of time with their children.

The actor said in a post-performance interview that he and Alley were both wild about the kids and that it was good that they finally had set times to spend time with them.

Stevenson revealed that he and Alley are no longer friends but still communicate frequently regarding their children despite the fact that he considered the divorce settlement process unpleasant.

Additionally, he had no idea when their relationship would ever be reconciled. The father of two, however, insisted that he wanted his ex-wife to be content since it would be best for their children.

Because they had breached their vow to God to be faithful to the marriage, Stevenson also regretted their divorce. He said that if he were to remarry, it would be to someone who shared his goals and aspirations.
Years after their divorce, Stevenson’s first adopted kid, William, welcomed a sweet boy named Waylon Tripp Parker into the world.

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After that, Alley, the mother of William and Stevenson’s ex-wife, raised the alarm that the Church of Scientology had placed the newborn infant under lockdown at their Los Angeles Scientology Center.

Following a family meeting, the actor decided to expel his children from the church with the help of Leah Remini, a former churchgoer who is now anti-Scientology.

Remini then warned Stevenson not to act hastily because the Scientologists might tighten their hold on the children. When Stevenson first met and married Alley, she was a Scientologist, and she continued to belong to the organization even after their divorce.

Even admitting that she would be dead without Scientology and that she would recommend it to anybody, the actress remained steadfast in her religion.

The actress also faced criticism after journalist Yashar Ali called her out for supporting actor Danny Masterson, a practicing Scientologist, after he was accused of sexual assault while denouncing lapsed Scientologist Paul Haggis for the same offense.

The seasoned actress claimed that Alley’s children with Stevenson also made the decision to join Scientology since it benefited them. Alley also gave Scientology credit for enabling her to break away from her cocaine addiction.

Tom Cruise and John Travolta, who is a very close friend of Alley’s, are two famous people who are also Scientology adherents.

Many people had been criticizing the church of Scientology, and Alley’s steadfast defense of the faith has resulted in a dispute with former member Leah Remini, who is now a vocal opponent of the organization.

Tom Cruise and actress allegedly got into a confrontation in the chapel, according to hearsay. They get along really poorly. The seasoned actress and her famous church members, however, have no intention of leaving Scientology.

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