The fifth season of “Virgin River” will bring about a number of “Major” alterations to the show… Learn more below…

Beginning with the upcoming season, Virgin River will have a slightly different emphasis, one that places a greater emphasis on both inclusiveness and diversity.

In a recent interview with, Jinny Howe, the Head of Drama for Netflix, disclosed that the well-known drama series will undergo a change with regard to the representation of diverse people.

The narrative of Virgin River centers on Mel, a nurse practitioner, and midwife who, played by Alexandra Breckenridge, uproots her life and moves to a rural community in search of a fresh start. And just in case you hadn’t guessed enough, we are the show’s most devoted followers around here.

The show features a number of love triangles, emotional breakdowns, and, of course, a large number of cliffhangers. We strongly recommend tuning in to the drama series. Take it from us. Nevertheless, putting away the dramatic plotlines, it does have a problem with diversity. It wasn’t until the fourth season that the show introduced its first LGBTQ+ characters, and there are only a handful of performers of color overall.

“I think it’s safe to say that [diversity] is going to continue to be a focus and something the viewers will get to experience more of in season five,” Howe told the publication about some of the early casting conversations for season five. “It is without a doubt one of our top priorities, and I believe that as we continue to grow the Virgin River community, you will observe an increase in both diversity and inclusiveness,”

Howe assures viewers that the new episode will “remain loyal to what fans have liked” about the show since the beginning, despite the fact that fans will observe these significant changes beginning with the fifth season of the show.

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“It will be exciting to see which characters continue to break out and audiences crave more of; we’re paying very close attention, understanding that this is a really rich universe of characters and that people can’t seem to get enough of them, including myself. ” “It will be exciting to see which characters continue to break out and audiences crave more of. Therefore, I believe that so long as that continues to be the case — which is something for which we have high hopes — you can be sure that there will be more Virgin River.

Cheers to the forthcoming exciting changes that will greatly improve the Virgin River universe.

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