The most remarkable response can be seen from Adele after learning Shania Twain attended her show in Las Vegas… Watch the video below…

Shania Twain was able to attend one of Adele’s concerts, and the experience left a significant impact on the singer.

The vocalist of “Easy on Me” expressed her elation upon learning that the country music legend had attended her gig in Las Vegas.

And to say that they are “delighted” could be a bit of an understatement.

“Thank God you had a hat on @shaniatwain I would have self-combusted had I seen it was you!!” Shania Twain tweeted. Adele captioned a photo that she posted to her Instagram story with the words “I adore you, I can’t believe you came to my show.” The photo featured a finger pointing down at Twain while she was indeed wearing a hat.

After announcing in January that she would be delaying the gigs that were slated to get underway that same month and run through April, Adele began her residency in Las Vegas earlier this month. The shows had been scheduled to begin that same month and run through April.

In a video posted to Twitter at the time, she expressed her regret, saying “I’m really sorry, but my show ain’t ready.” “We have tried absolutely everything that we can do in order to put it together in time and for it to be good enough for you, but we have been absolutely wrecked by delivery delays and COVID.”

She continued by saying, “It’s been impossible to finish the show.”

However, the singing diva made an effort to set things right wherever she could, even going so far as to personally apologize to a select number of fans through FaceTime.

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