The son of Kathie Lee Gifford has shared a new, adorable photo of the couple’s first Thanksgiving with a baby who looks just like his mother…

On November 24, 2022, Cody and Erika Gifford, together with their adorably cute son, Frank “Frankie” Gifford Jr., spent their very first Thanksgiving with their family. In honor of the momentous event, the couple uploaded photos of their son to various social media platforms and shared them with their followers.

In a post on her Instagram Story, Kathie Lee Gifford’s son-in-law shared the nicest close-up photo she could find of her in-laws’ young son, who was smiling widely with his mouth open. It looked as though Little Frank Jr. was all set to get into some Thanksgiving dinner!

The caption for the post was written by Erika, and it said, “Most thankful ever.” Cody also posted the same image on Twitter, but this time it was a larger version that showed their son expressing gratitude while sitting in his high chair. The caption accompanying the image read, “Thankful.”

Erika posted a view from the side of her son as he was seated in a separate chair and wearing a bib in a second post that she made to her Instagram Story. “My first Thanksgiving” was printed on the bib, which also had a turkey and some leaves. Erika had written, “What a day,” while Kathie Lee had simply written the word “blessed” as her response.

Cody’s wife also posted two gorgeous pictures of their son sporting his Thanksgiving best, complete with a turkey head bib and hat to match. The pictures were uploaded to Cody’s wife’s Instagram account. In the first picture, Frank Jr. was posing with his teeny-tiny foot in his mouth, and in the second picture, he was showing off his adorable little tongue!

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The mother of the young kid confessed that both her family’s real and metaphorical plates as well as their hearts were completely full. She added that they were “gobbling this little turkey” (meaning their son) at any opportunity they could get their hands on.

Erika also mentioned how thankful they will be to Jesus for the rest of their lives for their greatest blessing, which was Frank Jr. Another holiday that the Giffords had to observe without Kathie Lee’s husband and the young boy’s namesake, Frank Gifford Sr., who passed away earlier this year.

Frank Sr. may have been a sports announcer who won an Emmy Award and a legendary former player for the New York Giants, but to his children, he was simply their father. Frank Sr. also played for the New York Giants. The actor was a father to a total of five children, the two youngest of whom were Cody and Cassidy, who was born from his marriage to Kathie Lee.

When Frank Sr. unexpectedly passed away on August 9, 2015, he left his family in a state of confusion. When he passed away, his family was left in utter disbelief, and during their time of mourning, they were forced to come to terms not only with their loss but also with their sentiments.

Cody, who was 25 at the time, had looked up to his father as the ideal role model, which is what inspired him to pursue a career in the entertainment industry. The man Erika married went through the football program at the University of Southern California.

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Once upon a time, the late star’s son shared with People magazine that Wellington Mara, the former co-owner of the New York Giants, referred to Frank Sr. as “the son every father” would’ve wished to have. Mara also mentioned that Cody’s parent was the kind of man whose sons would have been proud to have had them as parents.

She expressed excitement about the upcoming wonderful change in her life and that she couldn’t wait for it!

Cody concurred with Mara and remarked that he counted himself “fortunate beyond words” to have had Frank Sr. in his life. His sister spoke about how she would always be able to refer to “that legend” as not just her father but also the most generous and kind human being she had ever known. She said that she would always be able to call him “that legend.”

Even though Frank Srchildren had nothing but love for their grandfather, his wife was nevertheless taken aback when she learned that her grandchild would take on her husband’s name. The former co-host of “The Today Show” once discussed her reservations with the designation of the show.

Cody and his wife had their first child on May 31, 2022, and they named their son Frank Jr. Frank Jr.’s first name was the same as that of his deceased grandfather. In the year 2022, when she was 69 years old, Kathie Lee admitted that she had been surprised to learn that her grandchild would be given the name of her late husband.

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Because Cody had experienced what it was like to grow up in the shadow of a great man, the fact that he named his son after his father came as a surprise to me.

However, the former television personality revealed that it was quite likely that Cody would never get over the murder of his father. Kathie Lee mentioned how the deceased actor’s son had to say goodbye to him at a young age and how the actor had been and still was his hero.

The mother of Cody expressed how pleased she was about the birth of her son in an Instagram post in which she hailed the birth of her son. She expressed excitement about the upcoming wonderful change in her life and that she couldn’t wait for it!

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