The video of heavy pregnant woman goes to the delivery room dancing is the most adorable thing you’ll see today…

The Exantus pair has a humorous technique to relieve stress, which can be extremely stressful and nerve-wracking for both the expectant mother and the husband when labor begins.

On August 2, Alicia Exantus was admitted to Florida’s Manatee Memorial Hospital just hours before giving birth.

She chooses to dance her way into the delivery room nevertheless, rather than having a wheelchair carried in for her!

With her enormous pregnant belly flaunted, Alicia can be seen dancing to “Baby Mama Dance” in the catchy video that has gone viral online.

Her husband Miller and the nurses soon join her as she busts a move. Later, the squad is seen dancing in the hallway.

It undoubtedly set the tone for my labor, Alicia said.

“We were ecstatic. We enjoy dancing. We always enjoy ourselves.

After a 30-hour labor, Alicia eventually gave birth to Tatum, a healthy and content baby girl. Who wouldn’t be thrilled to have a dance party to honor their birth!

In reality, there are numerous ways that dancing gently might help pregnant mothers. Some advantages of dancing when pregnant are listed below:

It enhances posture and lessens back discomfort.
increases happiness by assisting in the release of endorphins, a hormone that makes the brain feel good and upbeat.
aids in obtaining quality sleep.
helps relax the pelvic floor and increases muscle tone to make childbirth easier.
Excellent sort of workout to maintain your health and fitness!

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