The woman wanted to look young and nice for her son’s wedding. What she did for it amazed everyone…

Lori needed a change; she is from Sioux Falls, South Dakota. She wanted to make a great impression at her son’s approaching wedding because it was almost her 50th birthday.

By this point, she has spent the most of her life primarily focusing on the welfare of her children.

Since her youngest child is now 17 years old, Lori felt that she finally deserved to treat herself, so she did.

We adore makeover programs for a reason. It’s always fascinating to observe how drastically someone’s appearance may alter them. These entire makeovers frequently alter how someone feels about themselves on the inside, just as the new looks can radically transform how they appear.

At the time of Lori’s makeover, this was the situation.

Lori went to none other than MakeOverGuy, Christopher Hopkins, for her makeover. Hopkins is well-known throughout the world for his expertise in cosmetic surgery and makeovers.

Hopkins, who is based in Minneapolis, is the bestselling author of Staging Your Comeback: A Complete Beauty Revival for Women Over 45 and the owner of Revamp Salonspa. Hopkins went on to independently produce a number of web series to inspire women to take charge of their appearance.

Lori was astounded once Christopher began to perform his magic. Lori exclaimed, “This is sophistication like I’ve never had before!”

She had hoped for a younger, sassier appearance, and it had been perfect. The MakeOverGuy gave Lori a brand-new red cut, and she was so astonished because she was sick of looking “exactly like everyone else”!
The brown bob Lori had before has been completely replaced by her new fiery, fierce hairstyle. She resembles the sassiest grandma we know, for sure!

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