There’s something oddly satisfying in this video of random synchronicities…

Ever see something so perfectly timed that you believed it was an illusion?

However, synchronized movement might seem perplexing when executed well, much as other optical illusions.

Perhaps because the perfection of military parades can be captivating, we enjoy seeing them so much. But do you believe that the only things that can coordinate this are parades? Some of these are commonplace occurrences that will have you doubting your reality. Are you watching TV or is this the real thing?

Let’s begin with pairs.
It is simple to move as a pair. We frequently observe it in dances or other activities that call for dexterity. However, it is impressive to see them move in unison as they are instinct-driven animals.

Just observe how these two cats are moving with the same foot and at the same speed. They almost seem like remote-controlled toys, like the dogs practicing agility.

Have you ever witnessed two people performing calisthenics together to kick things up a notch? To be able to perform at the same range of motion and intensity as the other would require extensive training. How about two basketball players who dribble at the same rate and finish with back-to-back three-pointers?

There are certain coordinated movements needed.
The operations become lot more effective if your rate of work is matched or consistent. That is evident from the fact that the building crew is manually shoving cement up to the fifth or sixth level of the residence. It has the same smooth motion of a conveyer belt.

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The fleet of ice-shoveling vehicles is one of the most pleasing sights on an icy road, though. These trucks follow the same speed, gap, and slant formation as performance pilots do. Safer roads and a good show? No problem if we do!

Performances that are coordinated are somewhat expected.
But if you coordinate the motions of more than 100 people, you create a kinesthetic miracle. This is demonstrated during school-wide martial arts competitions or during school parades, where the entire team puts on a moving display.

Some dancing groups impress their audiences with their flawless coordination. While moving in unison while carrying out several tasks might be intriguing, carrying them out simultaneously can be hypnotic.

Evidently yeah. A developer of online content recorded himself from the same angle performing the same dance moves while donning various clothes. Combine all of these to create an octuplet dance group.

Do you know what else is incredible to behold when done jointly? Tricks. Even though performing the routine is challenging, seeing various people execute it with the same level of precision is incredible.

Imagine riding a scooter at the same speed, jumping the same distance, and flipping at the same moment as a second person. It’s incredible, isn’t it?

However, some coordinated movements can be rather unsettling.
An individual uploaded a video of three similar autos stopping at a red signal. Then, as if they were actors in a computer simulation, their signal lights began to blink simultaneously.

It only serves to emphasize how stunning and pleasurable synchronized motions appear. Remember that it’s still the real world when you witness anything similar while you’re out and that these people are quite skilled at what they do.

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Watch this collection of coincidences that appear to be reality-related errors.

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