These siblings were supposed to clean the bathroom, but instead made an incredible performance. Their mother was touched…

Do you like John Denver? If the answer is yes, today is going to be a real delight for you. We want to show you a video that has gained a lot of attention, and you’ll understand why right away!

Despite the fact that they were supposed to be doing something else, this mother of two was able to capture her children performing the greatest duet ever.

In order to show her friends, family, and followers exactly what her kids were doing after she asked them to clean up the bathroom, Amber Kathleen Tullis Waite shared the video to her social networking profile. Ten minutes after telling her children to clean up, Amber went to see what was going on and captured it on camera.

The two were singing a duet that will brighten your day!

The brother and sister duo may become the next big smash in the country music genre, many spectators quickly speculated. Branson and Brooke made the decision to sing “Country Roads,” a well-known John Denver song, as they cleaned up. In addition, the duo gave it a few original tweaks.

Mom expressed her gratitude for everyone’s interest in and comments on the video.

One moved audience member said the performance was so magnificent it actually brought tears to her eyes.

She thought the couple’s performance was flawless even though they are total strangers to her. One of the viewers mentioned how his late father had loved this specific song. He enjoyed going back in time for a moment.

The girl sings her heart out while trying to clean the bathroom in the video. The son’s only activities were singing and playing the guitar.

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After seeing the two perform, it wouldn’t surprise us if they eventually ended up on a large stage.

To see how talented they truly are, watch the video below:

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