This girl was feeding crows for 4 years, when one day she received exceptional gifts from them…

A devoted pet dog may be expected to bring you something. You could possibly teach it to go retrieve your slippers. The animal that Gabi Mann uses to deliver items is of a different kind.

Gabi is not simply getting the gifts by accident.

Eight-year-old Gabi has been feeding crows in her Seattle home’s yard for the past four years.

They wait in the yard for lunch because it has become such a routine.

It appears that the crows are motivated to return the favor. For years, they have been delivering their own gifts. The majority of the items they placed at her feet had been gathered by Gabi.

She possesses trinkets, toys, and even a pearl with a heart shape. The crows were kind enough to locate a camera lens that Lisa, Gabi’s mother, had misplaced.
The gift with the word “best” on it was possibly the sweetest one.

Everyone benefits from the two-way relationship because they get what they desire.

This is not just happening by accident. The birds are clearly aware of the relationship they are developing with Gabi.

These toys aren’t being thrown at Gabi’s neighbors. They are wise enough to see that Gabi is the one to approach.

She even regards the crows as relatives and friends. Why not, then?

They purchase her gifts while she serves them lunch.

Compared to some human relationships, it is a lot better.

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