This young girl performs Christmas song specially for her deaf parents…

The nicest Christmas present that year was given to parents by a tiny girl. The sweet surprise occurred at a school holiday concert when Claire, then 5 years old, wanted to honor and show her parents how much she loved them. In the sweetest way, she was successful in her endeavors. At Plumb Elementary School in Clearwater, Florida, all of the parents of the kids who were performing were asked to watch the performance. Because she knew that her deaf parents wouldn’t even be able to hear her singing, sweet Claire was concerned. Of course, they continued to go in order to support their daughter.

Little Claire’s antics were documented on camera and became widely known for the right reasons. Tom Koch, Claire’s father, and Lori Koch were both born deaf. Claire and her younger sister Charlotte, who is three years younger, are two of their children. The youngsters have normal hearing and speech abilities from birth. To be able to communicate with their parents, they did, however, also acquire American Sign Language when they were very small.

Claire was able to sign the lyrics of the song to her parents when it was her turn on stage thanks to these priceless abilities. She can be seen in the video singing along with her classmates during a Christmas concert while avoiding the other gestures the kids around her were making in favor of signing the lyrics to the songs they were singing. Everyone in the audience focused on Claire when they began singing “Santa Is His Name-O.” After singing “I Have a Little Dreidel” and “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer,” Claire made an unforgettable impression on everyone with a kind deed.

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The audience quickly understood the gift Claire was giving her parents after it was introduced. The touching incident made everyone smile, and you will too! The video makes it evident that Claire adores her parents and wanted them to participate in the performance in whatever manner they were able.

Even her mother admitted to being extremely moved by her daughter’s gesture, saying to Buzzfeed, “I, myself, haven’t been able to stop watching the video!” Claire “is lots of personality and spunk, that’s the Claire we know,” she added in a statement to Today Parents. “Claire utilized sign language in the show because she was attentive of us and wanted us to understand the lyrics to the song,” Lori added, noting that ALS is the family’s first language at home. Claire had a history of prioritizing her parents over others, according to Lori, who said, “She was signing to her parents and staring directly into my iPhone as she knew I was recording her. Although we don’t utilize our daughter as an interpreter, she would probably let us know if there was something we missed.

When the footage of Claire competing in the pageant was published to YouTube and received over 10.5 million views, she instantly became a worldwide star. Although Lori is undoubtedly aware of how cute her kid is, she had no idea that the pageant tape would cause such a stir.

I only thought my pals on Facebook might find it interesting. I had no idea it would become so popular, Lori told USA Today. Claire had good intentions, but they were simply too precious. To the same outlet, she stated:

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I wished that my entire family could comprehend me.

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