This young lady left a police officer a letter and a $10 bill. The reason will leave you speechless…

As long back as most of us can remember, donuts and cops have been associated, but where does this notion come from? The idea originated in the middle of the 20th century when police officers would stop by donut shops on graveyard shifts because they were the only businesses open late at night, according to Atlas Obscura.

Cops and donuts are now synonymous, much like the moon and stars, making it difficult to think of one without the other. The association remained. One good-hearted little girl decided to help her community’s cops instead of making fun of law enforcement with some jokes about donuts after having her personal encounter with the police and donuts.

In 2017, Brooke, a 9-year-old girl, attempted to purchase a dozen donut holes at a gas station in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, but she was short on cash. She was fortunate that a state trooper who was standing in line behind her offered to pay for her delicious sweet treat. Brooke hurried out with the donuts as soon as the cashier offered them to her because she was both anxious and delighted by the officer’s compassion.

Even while you and the state policeman might believe that the story ends there, Brooke has other ideas. The young girl hurriedly looked for a piece of paper and an envelope as soon as she arrived at her house. She wrote a heartfelt note of gratitude to the officer who had covered her meal costs and included a $10 cash as payment.

As stated in her letter, Brooke “Behind me, a friendly policeman graciously paid for my purchase. Although I thanked him, I regretted not giving him the money I had. So I’m giving this money to charity. Once more, I want to thank this officer.”

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The squad made the decision to do something special for the sweet girl as word of Brooke’s letter reaching the station spread. To show their appreciation for her generosity, they all chipped in and bought a $50 gift card to a toy store.

However, Brooke, being the kind of kid she is, didn’t just take the gift card and spend it on herself. By purchasing presents for less needy boys and girls with her gift card, she showed even more admirable charity. She gave Toys For Tots her entire day’s worth of shopping.

When the police learned this, they realized they would have to take extraordinary measures to honor Brooke. The young child and her family were given special access to the police station and showered with gifts, compliments, and, of course, lots of donuts. This time, the police compelled her to make a commitment that she would not retain all of the gifts and gift cards for herself instead of distributing them to others.

A reporter humorously questioned the young girl, “What’s wrong with you?” in reference to her generous deeds. Brooke laughed and muttered, “Nothing,” in response. We couldn’t agree more, actually.

What a motivational story from a young 9-year-old. Let Brooke motivate you to take more altruistic actions and to show more consideration for others.

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