Todd Chrisley’s daughter continues to give him a hard time and accuse him…

Even though his relationship with his daughter Lindsie Chrisley hasn’t always been the best, Todd Chrisley still has affection for her. Get a glimpse of their father-daughter dynamic.

United States television personality Todd Chrisley has had two marriages. Teresa Terry was the subject of his 1990 first marriage, which ended in divorce in 1996.

Kyle Chrisley and Lindsie Chrisley, his son, were Todd and Terry’s two children. When Lindsey and Kyle were little, they witnessed their parents’ divorce. When Kyle and Lindsie were grown up and cut off from their families, Todd had an effect on those families as well.

Lindsie divorced the father of her daughter after quitting her dad’s “Chrisley Knows Best” show. Learn everything there is to know about Todd’s relationship with his estranged daughter Lindsie and the possibility of their future reconciliation.

Terry made her first exclusive interview since divorcing Todd in May 2014 with Daily Mail. Terry claimed during the conversation that Todd truly loved his children.

Terry described the time Todd went to California following their signing of a custody agreement that said their children would attend school in Atlanta.

Since Kyle and Lindsie were of legal age at the time, she assumed the action was carried out out of spite. She said, “We didn’t want to break them apart. Lindsie wanted to go with her father, Kyle didn’t.

Kyle was the most negatively impacted of Terry and Todd’s children following their divorce, who suffered from it. Terry clarified:

Except for the time she eloped with her husband Will, whom Todd detests, Lindsie has always represented her father’s ideal of the ideal child.

Kyle, on the other hand, had consistently received punishment over the years for everything. In October 2014, Kyle, who had previously struggled with drug and alcohol addiction, claimed that his father had cruelly expelled him from “Chrisley Knows Best” and cut him off from Chloe’s life.

Since leaving “Chrisley Knows Best” in 2017, Lindsie has become distant from her father and her family. Todd sent a mysterious tweet in September 2017 that seemed to be directed at Lindsie. As he tweeted:

“Like mother, like daughter, a cheater once is a cheater forever, a liar once is a liar.

She was charged with turning Todd Chrisley and his wife Julie in to the authorities in 2019 for alleged tax evasion. Attorneys for Lindsie, however, refuted these allegations.

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In a statement released through her attorney in August 2019, Lindsie denied any role in the accusations made against her dad and stepmom.

Lindsie reported her father and brother Chase Chrisley to the police in July 2019 after Todd was charged with tax evasion, alleging that they were harassing her.

Additionally, she claimed that if she didn’t lie about a certain occurrence, they would threaten to release an adult tape. Todd, however, refuted his daughter’s claims, saying:

“The fact that such claims must be made public is upsetting and humiliating. Robby Hayes and Josh Murray’s extramarital affairs with Lindsie had been kept a secret, as best we could.”

Todd continued to wonder why Lindsie made the false accusation that Chase had purchased an adult tape of her and Robby before calling the police.

In an episode of the “Chrisley Confessions” podcast that he and Julie co-host, Todd also discussed Lindsie’s remarks that he is not her father.

Musa Ghanayem, Lindsie’s attorney, was unsurprised by Todd’s response. Josh Murray addressed Todd’s assertions as well, saying:

“I’ve known Lindsie for a long time. I am aware that Todd and his family are currently going through some difficult times, and I hope everything works out for them.”

Murray counseled Todd and his family to concentrate on avoiding a 30-year prison sentence for tax evasion rather than spreading rumors to harm Lindsie. Added him:

I genuinely think they’re nice people, and I wish them luck however they decide to carry out their deeds.

In the meanwhile, in an interview with Dr. Phil in October 2019, Lindsie had more to say. She asserted that Todd had accused her of having an affair with a representative of the Georgia Department of Revenue who was looking into him for tax fraud and other financial offenses.

Lindsie claimed that despite her father repeatedly asking her if she had encountered a person at Starbucks who he thought was involved in the inquiry, she had never met the person in question. She also denied having tipped off the federal government about her family as a whistleblower.

There is currently no information indicating that Lindsie and her family have reconciled.

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Three years after Lindsie announced her intention to divorce Will Campbell, Todd made accusations that she had adulterous encounters with Hayes and Murray.

In an exclusive interview with People in August 2016, Lindsie confessed that she and Campbell drifted apart. She uttered: “My first love was him. We started dating when we were 19 years old, and throughout time, instead of growing together, we grew apart in different directions.”

Lindsie claimed that she felt more self-assured and independent than ever before. She added that she felt more confident in herself and that the relationship was no longer providing her with what she needed.

Lindsie came to the conclusion that she had outgrown the relationship and wished for the day when she and Campbell would become close friends. And she added:

“I still have a soft spot in my heart for him. I will always and forever love him. Nothing unfavorable to say, please.”

Jackson is a kid that Lindsie and Campbell, who wed in January 2012, share. He was born the same year they got married. The single mother asserted that they were not at odds and added:

Unfortunately, the situation is what it is, and we genuinely simply want to work together to improve it for our child and families while also moving on with our lives.

Despite Lindsie’s choice to get a divorce, she and Campbell finally made up and remarried. However, after nine years of marriage, the pair divorced in July 2021.

Lindsie announced their breakup on Instagram. She declared that they had the utmost regard and affection for one another and that they were appreciative of their time spent together.

She said that they would continue to be close friends and loving parents to their son Jackson.

After Lindsie announced her breakup with Campbell, her father posted a message on social media letting her know he was praying for her and how much he loved her. He also pledged to look out for her and defend her.

Lindsie, though, expressed surprise at her father’s remarks. She mentioned how Todd had deactivated her Instagram account. She did not notice his post as a result, which raised the question of why he would disclose something so private in a public setting.

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In October 2021, Lindsie and Campbell divorced amicably. People were able to obtain a copy of their divorce decree, which revealed that the couple had divided or sold their assets and were now living apart.

The letter also revealed that the former couple had no plans for alimony or spousal support and had agreed to share custody of their son Jackson.

There is significant room for improvement in Todd’s interactions with the two kids he shares with Terry. The real estate tycoon and his son Kyle, though, were able to make amends and are now on good terms.

Still, it doesn’t seem likely that he will get back together with his oldest daughter, Lindsie. Todd has consistently shown his affection for Lindsie and desire to support her despite their disagreements.

Although our hearts are crushed, Lindsie is our daughter, and we will always love her, Todd said in response to her claim that he and Chase threatened and harassed her over an adult tape in 2019.

Lindsie, however, is unconvinced that Todd and his family can reconcile despite his apparent offer of an olive branch for peace.

She claimed in a September 2021 interview with ET that she only gets in touch with her family in response to something they had publicly said about her. Added her:

“There will never be peace between the parties. At this time, I believe the most anyone could hope for is for everyone to simply leave the other side alone so they may all live their lives as they see fit.”

There is now no hope for reconciliation, according to Lindsie, who also said that she would keep refuting any accusations made against her.

Back in 2019, Lindsie expressed interest in getting back together with her father, but she stipulated that she wouldn’t be a part of the cast of the show that the family produces.

Her attorney also stated that she would be open to reconnecting if she were to receive a sincere, emotional invitation.

There is currently no information indicating that Lindsie and her family have reconciled. Many supporters, though, are still holding out hope that they may reconcile and reunite in the future. If that ever occurs, only time will tell.

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