Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson have stated that their long-term marriage does not need “hard work.”

Both Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson are well-known power couples in the entertainment industry, and their long-term marriage has always given the impression of being quite stable. Not only are they well-known for their individual work as successful actors and filmmakers, but they are also well-known for their wonderful love story, which truly does appear as though it was taken directly from a Hollywood film. They have been a fixture in the entertainment industry for many decades.

Both Tom and Wilson are seasoned professionals in the entertainment industry; Tom is a two-time Oscar winner for his work as an actor and director, while Wilson has also won awards for her work as an actress and producer. Chet Hanks and Truman Hanks are the couple’s two kids; Tom Hanks also has two children, Colin Hanks and Elizabeth Hanks, from a prior relationship. The couple has two boys together. Both Colin and Chet have established successful careers in the entertainment industry.

The wedding took place on April 30th, 1988, and the pair has been together ever since. Both of them are now 66 years old. They have made a point of commemorating each anniversary as a momentous occurrence over the years. For example, in order to commemorate the occasion of their 33rd wedding anniversary, Wilson posted a stunning picture on her Instagram account along with an evocative comment. The breathtaking photograph of her and Tom Hanks, both of whom were wearing white and posing by the water, revealed the two of them to be really happy, and it was clear that they loved and respected one another, even if one just looked at the picture. It was breathtaking to see any kind of love being shown in public, but particularly that of one of Hollywood’s most beloved couples.

And during the course of their relationship, Hanks and Wilson have expressed a lot of warm and fuzzy feelings for one another and their connection, which helps explain how they’ve been able to have such a successful connection for such a long period of time. Let’s take a look at the lovely beginnings of their relationship.

The first time that the pair worked together was in 1980 on the set of the comedy “Bosom Buddies,” in which Tom Hanks had a recurring role for two seasons. Wilson made a cameo appearance as a guest star in an episode that was about an online dating video service. Later, Hanks was quoted in People as saying the following to GQ:

“Rita and I just gazed at one other, and then — kaboom — it was over. I questioned Rita about whether or not it was the genuine article for her, and the answer just could not be refuted.

But there was one catch: Hanks was already married to his high school love Samantha Lewes at the time. In spite of the fact that he had an immediate connection with the woman who would become his wife, he worked hard to make his marriage work until it finally failed and they divorced. By 1985, the two had worked together again on the film “Volunteers.”

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In the film “Volunteers,” which marked the duo’s on-screen return, they were joined by actor and comedian John Candy. Since Hanks did not have a partner at the time, the two of them decided to start a romance, and the rest, as they say, is history. Many years later, Hanks shared the following with Entertainment Tonight:

“When we looked at one other for the first time, there was undeniably a type of like, ‘Hey, this is the spot!’” In any case, I had that impression. I believe that the conclusion to our story is that we tied the knot for all of the appropriate reasons.

The pair started attending premieres together in 1986, with “Three Amigos” being the first film for which they were seen doing so. This marked the beginning of the public revelation of their relationship. At the time, Hanks and Lewes were living apart in the years leading up to the finalization of their divorce in 1987.

On April 30, 1988, the pair took the plunge and officially became husband and wife. But after some time had passed, Wilson divulged the fact that her mother was taken aback by the fact that she did not marry a Greek man. She said to Us Weekly that:

“She could not comprehend that the Greek guy I married was not my husband. But (my parents) believed that he had a sufficiently Greek appearance and that he might pass for one of the locals!

Together, they were blessed with a son named Colin Hanks and a daughter named Elizabeth Hanks.

On the day of their 33rd wedding anniversary, which was on April 30, 2021, Wilson sent a post on her own Instagram account to pay tribute to the cherished marriage she has with Hanks. The pair shared a lovely picture of themselves that seems to have been shot when they were on vacation someplace by the water. In the photo, the two of them are dressed in all white, and they have tans and grins that suggest they are enjoying themselves. The warm glow of the setting sun only serves to enhance the ambiance. She put the following in the post’s caption:

“33 years of marriage to my best friend, my lover, and the guy I call my husband. Love triumphs. “”

As a token of appreciation for the momentous event and as a tribute to their partnership, the comment area was flooded with well-wishes from their friends and admirers. This comprised a slew of well-known actors and actresses, such as Julia Roberts, Kate Hudson, Kate Bosworth, and Rosie O’Donnell, amongst others.

Colin Hanks, an actor and director who is Hanks’ son from a previous marriage, wished the couple a happy anniversary with the message “Happy Anniversary, you crazy kids.” Actress Julianne Moore added, “Happy Anniversary lovelies.” While all was going on, supermodel Cindy Crawford remained uncomplicated by saying, “Lovebirds! Congrats!” The moving note was also left by actress Viola Davis, who said:

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“Beautiful pair!!! Congrats!! Cheers to the promise of many more years to come!

Her attitude was echoed by Wilson herself the year before, when she celebrated the 32nd anniversary of her marriage to Hank on Instagram, writing:

“We’ve been together for 32 years! @tomhanks I wish you a happy anniversary, my sweetheart. Let’s keep going for another 32 words and then some!

It is immensely endearing to be aware of the fact that the pair is so outspoken about their love on an annual basis, as they should be given that they are considered to be one of the most popular couples in Hollywood.

Wilson launched her first album in 2012, after the launch of her newly discovered singing career. After that, she embarked on a tour, and it was only natural that Hanks accompany her. In addition to that experience, the pair has also spent a significant amount of time traveling together while filming movies in other locations. In 2016, Wilson said the following to E! News:

“We’ve traveled the length and breadth of the earth. Our whole family is coming along. We’ve had the opportunity to live in cities that most people don’t get the chance to live in. This has allowed us to lead regular lives, complete with trips to the grocery store and the establishment of a go-to coffee shop. Simply putting on an act as if you were born and raised in the area is incredibly impressive. There is no sense of urgency.”

Wilson’s star was just added to the Hollywood Walk of Fame in March 2019, but Hanks’ was placed there in 2012 to commemorate his achievements in the entertainment industry. Tom, along with a number of other renowned faces, including Roberts, was there to demonstrate his support for the cause. Of course, Tom was one of those famous faces.

Hanks and Wilson have been there for one other through thick and thin throughout their friendship. According to Entertainment Tonight, Wilson said that she was given a breast cancer diagnosis in April of 2015. She had a double mastectomy, and as a result, she is cancer-free at this time.

Hanks said that she has had “God bless the luck of the draw” and the individuals who have been on her side.

Their union has flourished over the course of the years, despite the fact that Hanks and Wilson do not consider themselves to be marriage gurus. Hanks said that the majority of their mutual acquaintances had been married for a longer period of time than the two of them. “When it comes down to it, we’re sort of the young puppies,” the speaker said.

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Despite this, the pair has divulged some of the strategies that have contributed to the continued success of their marriage over the course of its many years.

They have even discussed in the past what they believe to be the key to the success of their long-lasting marriage. According to People, Owen Wilson disclosed this fact when making an appearance on Kelly Clarkson’s daytime talk program in April 2020. He said that the conversational nature of Tom Hanks’ character was “one of the reasons, when we met, that we just got along immediately.” She went on to say that

“Let me begin by saying that I adore an entertaining storyteller. So basically, I’m fine with anyone that has the ability to tell a fantastic tale… That is fantastic. He never fails to make me smile and laugh. He has a wonderful way with words.”

Hanks highlighted his connection with his wife and how the two of them manage to keep it alive as he was a speaker at the Outfest Legacy Awards in Los Angeles in the year 2015. People said that he made a joke about how he “still can’t believe my wife goes out with me,” and then he continued by saying:

“If we were in high school together and I was just hilarious, I’d never get up the guts to speak to her… It’s not like we’re trying to hide anything from each other or anything, you know; we simply enjoy one other. You get started with it.”

These are some really astute observations made by a couple who are celebrating their 40th year of marriage. During the same interview, Tom Hanks made the comment that “no one should get married before the age of 30,” and then he continued by saying:

“They say that it must be a lot of effort, but it really isn’t.” Life is one damn thing after another, and it’s actually more pleasant to be able to go home with someone you like to spend time with in order to get with it.” “Every once in a while, you know, you’ve got to get over some stuff, but life is one damn thing after another, and it’s actually more pleasurable to be able to go home with someone you like to spend time with in order

The fact that one of Hollywood’s most beloved couples has a very healthy sense of what it takes to make a marriage work is clearly shown by the fact that they have been together for such a long time, as both of their prior statements have made it very plain. Congratulations, and I hope they have continued success!

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