Troopers rescuing abducted 5-year-old look in back seat of car – find second child missing since May

Troopers rescuing abducted 5-year-old look in back seat of car – find second child missing since May

Whenever a report of a missing child is made, everyone involved in the report is set on finding the child and reuniting them with their caretakers.

This heartwarming story is no different; this family helped officials in locating their beloved missing child.

It was a normal day for the North Carolina State Highway Patrol when the recieved a worrying call. On Monday around around 1:13 p.m. they were notified by the Rock Hill Police Department about a child abduction.

The abducted child was a 5-year-old girl. Officials were notified about the ad´budction after they received disturbing reports from an elementary school. 38-year-old Jovan Orlando Bradshaw apparently went to the school and took custody of a child, violating specific custody arrangements.

It is believed that the 5-year-old girl was indeed Bradshaw’s own daughter that he was not allowed to have custody of at the time. Rock Hill police described the case as a custodial interference case.

Bradshaw had left the state with the minor child. He was heading north through North Carolina, possibly heading to Virginia. At about 1:13 p.m. troopers spotted the vehicle on the I-85, just north of the Hillsborough Weigh Station in Orange County.

“Trooper Z. D. Gibbs and Trooper S. A. Harvin were successfully able to locate and conduct a traffic stop of the suspect vehicle on I-85 at the 165-mile marker,” the official release said.

Bradshaw was taken into custody for abducting the 5-year-old girl. But the most surprising thing was that other than the reported 5-year-old child missing, another child was discovered in the vehicle, a child who had been missing since May of 2022.

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Rock Hill police revealed that Bradshaw had gained the second child in a similar fashion; by picking them up from school and then keeping them illegally in his custody for six months.

The abduction of the first child occurred on May 23, 2022, and was not reported to the police.

Both children are in the custody of Orange County Child Protective Services and are awaiting reunification with their parents.

This story could have ended in a very different way but thankfully all minors were located safely.

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