Trucker Hero Pulls Over When He Sees ‘Frantic’ Man Running Up Highway After Wreck Flings His Toddler into the Dark… Shocking details…

Since Joe Hylton has been operating large rigs for the past two years, he estimates that this is the seventh time he has responded to an accident site to assist injured parties.

Of all of those occasions, this one may have been the most touching.

Recent events brought him to Route 1 in Delaware, where he was working as a driver for Perdue Farms. While he was there, he came upon the aftermath of a serious car crash.

Both vehicles were on the verge of total destruction, and a man was seen sprinting furiously down the roadway.

Hylton came to a stop and then walked out into the midst of the fast-moving traffic in the dark in order to divert drivers away from the two wrecked cars.

Then one of the drivers started yelling that he couldn’t find his daughter and everyone started looking about.

Hylton, who is the father of three children, said, “I picture a crazy parent scurrying around.” He is searching the cargo area of his vehicle while muttering, “I can’t locate my daughter, I can’t find my daughter.”

After looking inside, I noticed that there was a vacant car seat in the back of the truck.

As soon as he realized what had happened, Joe switched into “dad mode” and started looking through the marshy area along the road with his flashlight.

Finally, he came found a compact bundle of gray cloth.

Because he was aware of the kinds of wounds that the two-year-old could have received as a result of being ejected from the vehicle, he was initially hesitant to look at her, but to his utter amazement, the toddler reached up to him without even having a single mark on her.

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After receiving thanks from the emotional father, Joe got back in his truck and continued driving away.

On the other hand, a Battalion Chief from the New Jersey Fire Department who happened to arrive on the scene was able to locate Joe and thank him for his bravery.

Joe is going to be honored with the Good Samaritan award by the Delaware State Police, in addition to the appreciation he received from his job.

The’super humble’ trucker said, “There is so much chaos going on in the world, I don’t believe in receiving accolades for helping anyone out.”

“I don’t believe in receiving laurels for helping somebody out.” “That is what each and every one of us should be doing.”

“As soon as I saw the expression on his face, I uttered those words to myself: ‘Man, I have to do something.’ When you glance at the empty seat in the automobile, your stomach does a flip.

“As I drew closer to her, it seemed as though the Lord had snatched her up and carried her away. She sat herself up, crossed her knees in an Indian fashion, and put her hands up in the air so that I could pick her up.

I grabbed her and then screamed for the father, who came sprinting over, and then we hugged each other. We were not familiar with one another, and this was the first time I had ever come across him in my life. However, I will tell you that at that same instant, we were already familiar with one another.

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It feels as though the entire globe is currently operating at a level ten of anger and unrest due to the fact that everyone is so agitated.

Even a small amount of kindness can go a very long way. It gives me hope that things are getting better, and that things are shifting in a positive direction.

“Remaining calm and collected is almost always the best course of action in precarious circumstances. This is by far the most beneficial.

A life can be saved even if you are not trained in first aid; all you need to do is locate the people who are in need of assistance and figure out how to deliver it to them.

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