Unlike his parents Andre 3000 and Erykah Badu, Sirius Benjamin Seven, did not follow in their footsteps…

Seven Sirius Benjamin inherited his talent for music from both of his parents; nevertheless, despite the fact that he already has a musical credit to his name, he has opted to put more of an emphasis on his studies. He was brought up in a household that placed a high importance on education and where passing on one’s expertise and learning from others was the norm.

Seven On November 18, 1997, Sirius Benjamin Badu was born to his parents, Erykah Badu and Andre 3000, and he took his first breath at his mother’s house. Erykah Badu’s oldest kid is now 25 years old and appeared on the scene just as his parents’ careers were taking off at the height of their success.

Following their divorce, Benjamin’s mother had a relationship with the hip-hop musician The D.O.C. Puma Sabti Curry was born in 2004, the couple’s daughter, after they had broken up. Badu is also the mother of another girl via a relationship she had with a New Orleans-based musician by the name of Jay Electronica. Mars Merkaba Thedford

In spite of the fact that Badu and Andre 3000 no longer had a sexual connection, the two remained close friends as they raised their kid together. Benjamin has a strong connection with them as well as with his siblings, all of whom he helped educate whenever he was back in his hometown after college.

As a result of the fact that Benjamin’s sisters’ fathers were similarly invested in their education, teaching and tutoring were commonplace in Benjamin’s household. He devoted his time to learning information, but he also demonstrated some artistic tendencies in poetry and rapping, which were qualities that Andre 3000 recognized in his oldest son.

The first date between Benjamin’s parents took place in 1995. When Badu’s first album, “Baduizm,” was released and became successful, the couple who had previously been romantically involved met for the first time at a bar in New York and became pregnant with their only child around the same time.

After discovering that Badu was carrying Andre 3000’s child, the two of them were forced to have a serious conversation and determine whether or not to retain the child. They decided to have a family and maintained their careers as musicians as Benjamin developed within his mother’s womb, as Benjamin’s father recalled:

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“She would hit the stage, and then I would hit the stage. After that, we would go back to the hotel, and I would rub shea butter on her stomach,” said the performer.

In addition to learning about Reiki, Benjamin’s mother studied to become a holistic health practitioner so that she would be better prepared for the birth of her son. The godmother of soul gave birth to her child at home on the same day that her record company published her “Live” CD. The CD has live interpretations of the songs that are included in “Baduizm.”

The arrival of Benjamin also corresponded with Erykah Badu’s transition into her role as a mother, as seen by a picture of her pregnant belly that appeared on the back of the CD cover for her “Live” album. When Benjamin was still a baby, she would bring him along to her concerts, and she would even nurse him while she was onstage.

In addition, Badu would nurse her child while riding in the back of the limo or when backstage at the Soul Train Awards. Around the time that Benjamin was two years old, her relationship with Andre 3000 came to an end. Fans have wondered whether or not the song “Tyrone” was about her ex-boyfriend, even though it was released in 1997 and became a huge success.

Andre 3000 has admitted that his song “Ms. Jackson,” which he recorded in 2000 with OutKast, was inspired by the “On & On” vocalist. The mother of three has refuted the rumors, though. Despite the fact that they were no longer together, Badu and Andre 3000 maintained a cordial relationship with one another and often got back together to honor significant life events involving their kid.

On the occasion of Father’s Day in 2018, they got together to take a monochrome picture, which Badu then uploaded on her Instagram account. Benjamin grinned as he leaned against a wall behind his mother and father, and Benjamin’s father also smiled as he clutched the phone in his hand.

Badu posed for the photo while wearing her hair in braided pigtails, while Andre 3000 wore a black hoodie with a logo on it and a beanie. The previous month, on Mother’s Day, they had shot a picture while making goofy faces and had posted it on social media.

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The photograph was altered so that each subject wore a glimmering star somewhere on their body. Badu’s star shined on her left eye, Andre’s star sat on his upper teeth, and Benjamin’s light was placed on his tongue.

Benjamin is now residing in Dallas, Texas, with his mother. Because the rapper wanted to maintain a strong relationship with his father, Badu believed it was only natural for him to make the city his dad’s second base. Despite this, the vocalist of “Love of My Life” expressed her appreciation for Andre 3000’s commitment to become a parent.

Badu’s daughters’ dads, who also showed a desire to be involved in their daughters’ lives, expressed the same views as Badu did on their parental responsibilities. They spent the most of their time together at the house owned by Dallas and Badu. She said that she did not feel “anywhere near” being a single mother due to their constant presence and availability, and she attributed this feeling to the fact that she had a partner.

Homeschooling was a long-standing custom in Benjamin’s family, so he and his sisters did it for the first two grades of their education before moving on to public school. When it became necessary, his mother transformed her old recording room into a classroom, and she and her son had their lessons either there or on her tour van.

Seven Sirius Benjamin Opted to Go in a Different Direction with His Career Than His Parents Did.
Benjamin was raised by two experienced R&B musicians, which exposed him to a significant amount of musical influence during his childhood. Despite this, he chose to focus his attention on acquiring expertise in an entirely other area of study. In 2016, his mother tweeted the following, in which she expressed her joy over her son’s acceptance to four different colleges:

“Our son Seven has now received admission letters from all four of his chosen colleges. Makes parents feel wonderful. The dream came true.”

Later on, Badu tweeted that Benjamin had decided to study Psychology, Arts, and Science for his undergraduate degrees. However, in 2019, she disclosed that he concentrated his studies on Psychology and Botany instead. In the heartfelt statement that Badu shared on Instagram, he also mentioned how he helped his sister with her schoolwork whenever he came home from college.

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Benjamin could be seen in the video reclining next to Curry in the midst of what seemed to be a lecture or a demonstration as he peeled off pieces of tape and adhered them on her laptop. Curry’s dad also taught her planetary history and geography whenever he was available.

Seven Sirius Benjamin Has Innate Talent in Music

Andre 3000 has acknowledged that his kid is a talented rapper and writer, and he has lauded his son’s musical ability in the past. On the other hand, he said that Benjamin had absolutely no interest in showcasing his abilities to the rest of the world. Despite this, his father continued to impart wisdom about rapping and music in general, as shown by the fact that he said:

“Just put it out. If people like it, then they will continue to enjoy it, and you are free to expose it whenever you please. It’s possible that he already has songs out, but you don’t know about them even if you listen to them.”

Andre 3000 also had faith in Benjamin’s musical judgment, as shown by the fact that the musician allowed his kid to assist him in discovering new songs. He previously commented that despite the fact that Benjamin is reluctant to release any music, there is a strong possibility that people are listening to his tunes without him being aware of it.

Benjamin may not be pursuing a career in music, but he has musical accolades for providing baby vocals on the song “Slump.” Benjamin was there and sobbing when his father was recording the song, and his dad ultimately decided to use his voice in the final version of the music.

Benjamin’s sister Puma, who also inherited her mother’s singing talents and often performed on stage with Badu, inherited those qualities as well. Puma also maintains an active presence across several social media platforms, and she often features both her mother and her brother in her posts. Fans have voiced their wish to attend a performance that include the whole family, citing the fact that creative ability tends to flow in families.

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