US Embassy Apologizes for Accidental Mass-Mailing of Invitation for ‘Cat Pajama-Jam Party’… But then this happened…

According to the funny contents of an email that was distributed by the United States Embassy in Australia the previous week, even worldwide ambassadors are human and are prone to making mistakes.

People who use social media have been astonished by an email that was sent out by the embassy. The email had a photograph of a cat dressed up as Cookie Monster clutching a dish of sweets.

The word “Meeting” was the only thing that appeared in the subject line of the email, but the image was accompanied by an RSVP tab and a caption that read “cat pajama-jam party.”

It has not been made public how many email addresses were included as recipients, but one thing is certain: as soon as people on the internet learned about the alleged party, social media users instantly urged that the embassy host the promised feline festival.

Even the cat portrayed in the photo that was emailed, who goes by the name Joey and is renowned on the internet, expressed his wish to attend a pajama party.

The email was sent in error, which is a really unfortunate turn of events. Recently, the public affairs counsellor for the embassy, Gavin Sundwall, issued a good-natured apology for the mistake and explained that someone had accidentally sent the email after testing out a new kind of email broadcasting platform. He said that the explanation for the mistake was that someone had sent the email in error.

He said in an emailed statement two days after the initial invite, “Sorry to disappoint those of you who were hoping to attend this ‘cat pajama-jam’ party, but such an event falls well outside our area of expertise,” and he apologized to those who had hoped to attend the party.

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One of our new employees was trying out our email newsletter platform when they made the mistake, and it was during their training.

Sundwall asserts that “strong new management controls” will be implemented at the embassy in the near future in order to eliminate the possibility of similar errors occurring in the future.

Even though it was determined that the email was sent in error, that hasn’t stopped people from making lighthearted jokes and comments about the mixup on social media.

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