Veteran with a disability encounters the famous country singer and thanks him for his generosity years ago…

People were moved by the celebrity’s kind act when he revealed his story.

The Fourth of July is a significant holiday in the US.
It is a day that stands for the freedom and sovereignty that the country has long enjoyed.

Every citizen of the nation celebrates this day and the blessing of residing in “the land of the free.”
On this particular day, a number of tribute ceremonies are held to remember and honor the nation’s heroes.

On Independence Day, honor is given to the men and women who risked their lives in the fight to maintain the country free from oppression.

Everyone, including famous people, remembers and values the contributions of these military veterans.

Blake Shelton, a well-known The Voice coach and country singer, was spotted on July 4th relaxing on a boat.
He was not alone as he unwinding and enjoying a quiet day by the dock.

He is accompanied by a very special person who dedicated his time and effort to serving the country.

Veteran with a disability was alongside the famous vocalist.

Jason Morgan, a former SSgt in the US Air Force Special Operations Command, is the person (Airborne).

He served in the conflict and returned as a hero with a disability. This is something the man takes pride in.

When Blake heard about the veteran with a disability on one of the boats, he was in the same gas dock.

Blake walked over to Jason’s lodgings as soon as he learned that a war veteran was staying nearby and confronted the man.

The popular singer from the country gave Staff Sergeant Jason some time to talk.

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He also snapped a picture of him.

The soldier wrote about the singer’s kind act on his Facebook page since it moved him so much.
“Fun hanging out on our boat with Blake Shelton. Happy Fourth of July,” wrote Staff Sergeant Morgan. “We were both at the same gas port, and Blake came over to see me after hearing that a crippled veteran was filling up one of the boats. I was quite grateful.

On a drug interdiction mission in South America in 1999, Staff Sergeant Morgan suffered injuries.
He had a crushed spine after the procedure.

Although his condition limited his typical movement, it served as a constant reminder of his outstanding contribution to the nation.

The retired staff sergeant posted personal reflections and excerpts from his book, Dog Called Hope: A Wounded Warrior and the Service Dog Who Saved Him, on his website.

His website states that “a miracle occurred as he lay left for dead drowning with his face submerged in swampy water.” “Jason was saved by a chance encounter with an American missionary who was working on nearby radio towers. He then went about removing him from the muck and water, using his shortwave radio—the only functional form of communication in the isolated area—to coordinate the challenging evacuation of the victims.

Online users were touched by Blake’s kind action.
On the uploaded photo of him and Staff Sergeant Morgan, compliments poured in.

Veterans of the war deserve to be honored for the great sacrifices they made on behalf of the country.

Staff Sergeant Morgan is a remarkable individual.

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We are glad that folks like Blake Shelton are demonstrating to others the value of taking the time to express gratitude to these courageous men and women.

Watch the video below to hear Blake’s Salute to the Troops!

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