VIDEO: A police officer takes in a stray dog that he found and rescued from the storm…

This guy should be blessed by God for taking such good care of this adorable pooch. Read on for more information on this uplifting narrative, which can be found below:

When NYPD Officer Michael Pascale first encountered Joey, it was a dreary day in New York City. He was patrolling a public park in his police cruiser when he came upon a little black puppy hiding amid the discarded needles and shattered beer bottles.

After conducting a more in-depth investigation, Police Officer Pascale discovered that the dog was restrained by a substantial chain that was slung around his neck and attached to a fence. Joey seemed to have deserted the group since he was drenched and shivering.

Pascale said that he was only staring up at her. My initial thought was that I needed to get him out of this location immediately.

Joey was brought to the refuge run by the Animal Treatment Centers of New York City, which is located in Brooklyn, by the cop who loves animals. As he used the towel to dry the appreciative dog, he could sense an extraordinary connection starting to develop between the two of them.

He took a picture of the poor animal and sent it to his wife so she could see it. Her response came almost instantaneously: “Bring him home!” The couple made the decision to adopt Joey without much difficulty; nevertheless, there is one little obstacle in their way.

After a (required) 72-hour period of being held in roving custody, the staff at the ACC notified Officer Pascale that Joey would have to continue to be monitored by them.

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He returned the very following day, and then he returned again the day after that. They became close to one another with each visit.

At long last, Pascale was finally able to adopt Joey in a legal capacity. When all of the paperwork had been completed, Joey was taken out to say goodbye to Pascale for the very final time.

After that, they went home to start their new life together, and the joyful dog showered him with kisses as they did so. a successful conclusion, which is really all that any kind of dog ever wants in the end.

We will never understand how some people can be so cruel and [violent] to animals, therefore we are really grateful that you were able to save this great puppy. Whoever was responsible for it need to face the same consequences.

You are a decent person, and now you are also one who is lucky because your new friend will provide you with a lifetime of true love and dedication for the rest of your life.

We are overjoyed that this gentle and innocent puppy has found a loving forever home.

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