VIDEO: Bored in Quarantine, 15-Year-old Transforms Her Bedroom Wall into 8-Foot Climbing Structure… Inspiring…

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This 15-year-old girl just transformed one of the walls in her bedroom into a proper 8-foot climbing wall, and it only took her one week to complete the project.

Instead of sitting about doing nothing while she was in isolation, she put her time and energy into the project.

Erin Sloan claims that the closure of the North West Face Climbing Centre, where she had been climbing for the past four years and working as an instructor, was the impetus for her decision to construct the project. COVID-19 was the cause of the closure of the climbing center.

Erin completed the job a week ago, but she claims that it could have been finished in a single day if she had not been had to wait for additional materials.

“I just walked in, locked the door, turned on some music, and started working. “When it was all said and done, I felt a great sense of accomplishment,” said the young man from Winsford, Cheshire.

“The very first thing I did was phone my father to tell him the news and send him some pictures,” I said. He felt an extreme amount of pride.

“I showed it off to a friend of mine who is also considering building one, and he exclaimed, ‘I can’t believe you have done it!’ I just said ‘Well I have so you’d best believe it!’

“I would not say there was anything too difficult, but I am not the tallest person, so getting the boards on with a major drill in your hands was not the easiest part—but I did it in the end!” she added.

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“I am not the tallest person, so getting the boards on with a major drill in your hands was not the easiest part.” “Mum did not have any doubts. She was confident in my ability to succeed.

The ambitious young lady expressed her desire that her natural ability to climb will contribute to the destruction of gender prejudices that exist within the climbing community.

“Despite the fact that I am a female, climbing is not an activity that is particularly popular among women. “That is one of the things that attracted me to take on this challenge,” said Erin.

Starting at 7 in the morning on the first two days of construction, she put in approximately eight hours of work each day.

She mentioned that in addition to her father acquiring all of the essential equipment, she was also fortunate enough to receive some supplies from her boss before the climbing center closed for the day.

“I wanted to get it over with as quickly as I could so that I could go back into training. It had been approximately three weeks since the previous time that I had used a climbing board.

“I did not have any significant prior experience in constructing. It is something that has always been on my list of things to do, but perhaps someday when I have my own home.

It was necessary for me to glue some wooden batons into the base at both the top and the bottom. I screwed those in, as well as the bottom board, so that the wall would rest on something other than my carpet,” she went on to say.

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“Then I grabbed the board, painted the board, drilled the holes, put the metal things in the back, put the boards up, and screwed into the wall,” you say. “Then I put the boards up and screwed into the wall.”

Erin claims that once it was finished, her nine-year-old Labrador was confused about where he was and why he was there.

Erin explained that when he entered her room and saw the wall, he initially believed that he was at the wrong house.

Before the outbreaks of the new coronavirus, she would train for approximately 80 hours per week, both on and off the wall. Her off-wall training consisted of plenty of aerobic sports like jogging and cycling.

“Because the wall was a family, I am particularly disappointed that it has been closed. This place feels like a home away from home.

Erin responded by saying, “I spend more time at the climbing center.” “It is a significant aspect of my life that I am unable to participate in.

That was the impetus for me to build the wall. That would be like having a home away from home.

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