VIDEO: Did you know why they have all the Kardashian kids in one school? The reason is shocking…

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For the Kardashians, going to school is a family event!

Speaking on the air! Kim Kardashian, 41, told Kelly and Ryan about her daily routine, saying “it’s madhouse pandemonium” getting her three oldest children ready for school, where they attend alongside their cousins.․․

“Carpooling is something I do every day. My sisters all do, so we run into each other at school “Kim stated.

“It’s like seven cousins all go to the same school,” she went on to say. “Three in one class, one in another, two in another, and two in yet another.”

The Kardashians star continued, “It’s a lot of fun. And because they’re so close, it’s a lot of fun.”

Kim and ex Kanye West have two girls, Chicago, four, and North, nine, as well as two sons, Psalm, three, and Saint, six.

Kim also discussed how her sister Khloé Kardashian is still adapting to having her 4-year-old kid True in school for the first time.․․

“It’s incredibly difficult to walk away from preschool, but I’ve done it so many times,” Kim explained. “So I’ll get out and look out the window. Khloé will be here all day.”

The mother of four gave her freshly minted mother of two some advice. “‘You’ve got to go,’ I say. ‘You can’t do it.’”

Kim opened up about the challenges of multitasking with small children earlier this month at the second annual A Day of Unreasonable Conversation event.

Kim and film director Scott Budnick spoke on a panel called “How to Get Sh*t Done in a Divided America,” moderated by Baratunde Thurston, about their work toward criminal justice reform.

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Budnick applauded Kim for her ability to join a virtual meeting at any time, even while she is on motherhood duty.

“This lady right here, it’s as if we’ve discovered the governor’s fondness for the Oklahoma Sooners football team…

She appears on every Zoom.’ Hey, Kim, the evangelical pastor in Oklahoma is curious about the situation.

‘All right, we’re on a Zoom that night, with all of her kids running around “He was speaking of the SKIMS tycoon.

“It’s really embarrassing,” Kim responded.

“No matter how many doors she locks, she cannot keep the kids out of the room,” Budnick continued.

“They figure out a way in,” Kim said.

Watch the video…

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