VIDEO: Even though this youngster is just six years old, the judges bow down to her… Watch the video here.

The hit song “Child On Fire” by Alicia Keys is challenging to sing since it has a lot of high notes; nonetheless, this little girl can sing it like a genuine diva despite being only six years old!

On “The Voice Kids,” a little performer by the name of Chelsea had an outstanding performance during her audition. She didn’t hold anything back at all.

Chelsea, like every other six-year-old girl, came on stage to perform. She looked adorable, down to the clothing she was wearing and the bow she had in her hair.

However, the moment she started singing the song and opened her lips, the whole recording studio was flooded with the resonant vibrations of her incredible voice.

Her incredible voice left a lasting impression not just on the panel of judges but also on the audience.

This little lady has a wonderful potential to develop into a talented vocalist in the future. In addition to this, the fact that she decided to perform Alicia Keys’ song with such assurance demonstrates how brilliant she is.

The song “Girl on Fire” is a fantastic match for her voice and attitude, and Chelsea did an excellent job of conveying the message that women are capable of doing everything they set their minds to.

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