VIDEO: Inspired by Captain Tom, 5-Year-old Walks On New Prosthetic Limbs Raising $1Million for Hospital That Saved Him… But then…

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A little child in Britain has raised more than one million dollars for the hospital that was part of the National Health Service and was responsible for saving his life when he was an infant.

Tony Hudgell, who was 5 years old at the time, used crutches to push himself around the neighborhood park while he was wearing his prosthetic legs for the fundraising.

After hearing about his motivational laps, thousands of wonderful people donated money to the London Evelina Hospital. The original goal was to raise just £500 ($550), but he ended up raising far more than that.

Until the end of June, the youngster hobbled a total of 6 kilometers, and as donations poured in—equaling roughly $100,000 for every kilometer—each kilometer became easier for the boy, whose prosthetic limbs were spanking new.

In the beginning, it took Tony almost one hour merely to walk a quarter of a mile (300 meters). However, by persistent effort and dogged determination, he was eventually able to complete the same distance in only 12 minutes.

“It is unfathomable to believe that only a few short weeks ago, Tony could not muster the strength to take more than a few steps.

His mother, Paula Hudgell, was quoted in the Pennsylvania newspaper as saying, “He is such a strong and determined youngster and we are very proud.”

After seeing Captain Tom Moore, a 100-year-old World War II veteran who recently rose to fame for raising $40 million for British hospitals fighting COVID-19, Tony found the inspiration he needed to organize his own fundraising event.

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Tony reasoned that if the elderly man could do one hundred circuits in his backyard while using his walker, then certainly he could manage a walk of his own while using his crutches.

Tony, when he was a newborn, was sent to the hospital because he had been abused as a youngster; nonetheless, his new adoptive parents showered him with love. And even though the doctors were unable to preserve his legs, they were able to save his life.

Tony’s initiatives have earned effusive acclaim from British celebrities, including former Prime Minister David Cameron, soccer stars like Cesar Azpilicueta, and the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge: Cesar Azpilicueta is one of the many soccer stars who have praised Tony’s work.

The following video has maybe the most exciting message of all, which came directly from Captain Tom himself.

The medical staff at Evelina Children’s Hospital were astounded by Tony’s rapid recovery, and they expressed their gratitude for the assistance they had received.

Caroline Gormley, the organization’s Associate Director of Fundraising, expressed how delighted everyone at Evelina London is of him. “He has made everyone at Evelina London so proud.”

The difference that will be made is going to be great, thanks to both his courage and the kindness of everyone who has donated.

Watch the video…

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