VIDEO: Loose cow wanders into traffic… See what happened to it.

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Nov. 16 (UPI) — In England, the authorities were summoned to the scene when a stray cow was seen meandering along a major highway. ..

The cow was sighted in England. Their objective was to find a solution to the dilemma and secure the cow’s location.

The Hampshire Constabulary said that on Tuesday, officers were called out to the Rushington suburb of Totton after a cow was seen meandering aimlessly on the A35 motorway.

The roadway is located in the Totton neighborhood of Totton. According to witnesses, the cow was behaving in an unrestrained manner.

After being retrieved from the cameras that were employed by witnesses to record the cow before the police arrived to subdue the bovine, the recording was analyzed after having been obtained from the cameras.

According to the police, the cow was successfully relocated to a different location where she will be safe and secure. This information was provided by the police…

It was still unknown as of the morning of Wednesday where the cow had come from, thus it was one of the mysteries surrounding the situation…,

Watch the video…

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