VIDEO: When her kid threw rocks at the police, this mother responded in the appropriate manner… Watch the video in the following…

To express your affection for your children and to demonstrate that you are a good or even a wonderful mother does not necessarily need physical contact in the form of hugs and kisses. There are times when showing your love for your children involves being tough with them and instructing them on right and wrong.

A young guy in a mask was one of many people who participated in rioting and throwing rocks at police in Baltimore in 2015, while tensions were escalating on the streets of the city.

In much shorter time than that, a lady who did not identify herself as having seen the ruckus went stealthily toward the young guy in the manner of a heat-seeking missile. Even though the mask concealed his face, she was still able to recognize her son.

As soon as she was close enough to him, she attempted to remove his mask. After that, she began slapping him with her tongue and punching him in the head repeatedly. She felt ashamed of what he did to the police officers, and she was aware that he was acting inappropriately since she had previously instructed him otherwise.

An onlooker was overheard commenting that Baltimore does not want the services of the National Guard; rather, the city needs more parents like the one who was shown.

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