VIDEO: With a behind-the-scenes video, the British Zoo unveils a baby giraffe.

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Nov. 21 (UPI) — The birth of a baby giraffe was reported by a zoo in England, and a video showing the delivery of the calf was released alongside the announcement.

The young giraffe measuring 6 feet tall was born on November 11 to parents Luna and Bashu, according to a video that was uploaded to YouTube by ZSL Whipsnade Zoo.

The zoo said that the newborn was given the name Wilfred in honor of the poet Wilfred Owen, who lived during the First World War.

“Wilfred is Luna’s third calf and she has been a wonderful, attentive mum as always,” deputy team leader Michael Hepher said on the website of the zoo.

“Alongside dad Bashu, who has also been very caring — leaning down to lick and clean the youngster,” Hepher added. “Wilfred is Luna’s third calf and she has been a wonderful, attentive mum as always.”

“We will be giving mum, dad, and calf some quiet time in their behind-the-scenes barn for the next week,” Hepher said.

“However, they will soon join grandma Ijuma, sister Nuru, and the rest of the close-knit, family herd who will teach him all the important giraffe skills he needs to master.”

Watch the video…

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