Watch: Andrea Bocelli’s spectacular performance of “The Greatest Gift” along with his son and daughter will leave you speechless…

An extraordinary passion for music runs in the Bocelli family. And the world-famous tenor discusses singing with his children in the interview.

It has been said that Andrea’s voice had a sublime, lyrical, and angelic quality, in point of fact, Celine Dion famously said that “If God had a singing voice, it must sound like Andrea Bocelli.”

The musical talent that runs in the family has been passed down. Both of his children, Virginia and Matteo, are talented singers and musicians in their own right.

Because Christmas is Andrea’s most favorite time of the year, the three of them collaborated to create an album for the holiday season.

When asked about collaborating on the project together, he said that he believes it to be an incredible chance. It is possible for us to spend time together. In July, Andrea Bocelli and his family took part in a picture session after recording the album together.

Even though the weather outside was ideal for a day at the beach, the house that Andrea’s family lived in was decked up in all of the holiday cheer. Christmas carols playing in the background, beautifully wrapped gifts, and, of course, decorated Christmas trees!

Andrea’s life has always been heavily influenced by music, and he has always been aware that this will be the legacy he leaves behind for future generations. While pursuing a degree in law at the university, he supported himself by playing the piano.

His goal was to become a lawyer. In the end, though, he was reminded of the magnificent talent that God had bestowed upon him in the form of music.

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Now, as they follow in their father’s great footsteps, his children are contributing to the continuation of that legacy as well.

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