Watch this: The good act that Paul Walker did for a serviceman was only just made public, and it will move you to tears…

In 2004, one couple from Victorville was receiving more than just happy wishes from a stranger who looked familiar when they were shopping for an engagement ring at a posh diamond store in Santa Barbara.

While newlyweds Kyle and Kristen Upham were looking at the options at the store, they saw that there was another young guy there with them, however, they didn’t give him any attention.

After some time had passed, Kyle, who had just recently returned from a deployment in Iraq, started a chat with the other individual.

Kyle came to the realization that the other shopper was none other than Paul Walker after they discussed their different careers and the stranger revealed that he worked in the movie industry.

Because they were unable to locate an engagement diamond within their price range, they eventually departed the shop without purchasing one, though, they had their sights set on a ring that cost $9,000.

The actor made the purchase of the ring, which may have been motivated by Kyle’s service as he couple had made a casual reference to Kyle’s deployments, but they were completely unaware of the effect that it would have on Walker.

Despite this, Walker did not bring up Kyle’s service at the moment or even hint at what he was about to do in the near future.

After their lighthearted conversation, the three of them just went their own ways and shortly after that, the Uphams walked out of the shop without purchasing anything. But then employee went after them and gave them the gift.

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The couple decided to save the gift receipt in order to better understand their good fortune.

When the Uphams inquired as to who had bought the costly ring for them, the employees would not provide any information about it.

Instead, they had merely smiled and emphasized that it was best to keep the information a mystery and the issue of the unknown donor was not resolved until one of the workers in the company disobeyed the established protocol and told the story on the news broadcast.

After then, the Uphams found out that Walker was the one who had bought the ring for Mrs. Upham in the first place.

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