What was the reason behind Matthew Perry being praised by Jamie Lee Curtis for being open about his history with addiction…

The actress is “very happy” that he is telling his tale to help those who also need it.

Jamie Lee Curtis took a break from celebrating the Oct. 14 release of Halloween Ends to honor and appreciate Matthew Perry for opening out about his struggles with addiction in a new memoir and interview.

I’m Ready to Tell My Story is written on the front page of the upcoming issue of People, which has an interview with Perry discussing his past troubles. Curtis reposted this Instagram post.

The actress added her own caption and said, “I am very glad that Matthew is sharing his secret so that others can comprehend the force of addiction and that one can receive assistance.

Curtis revealed that she had been free of a Vicodin addiction for about 24 years. She came to understand she wasn’t alone thanks to a journalist sharing their own experience, which served as her “stepping stone to seek the support I needed.”

She continued by highlighting the risks associated with the highly addictive synthetic drug fentanyl, which is currently responsible for a large number of fatalities worldwide.

“Whoever reads this, who is struggling, please know you are not alone and there are many other individuals who share your sickness and have achieved recovery,” she concluded her statement.

Perry is brutally honest about both his life’s incredible highs and horrible lows in his new memoir, Friends, Lovers, and the Big Terrible Thing.

The colon rupture caused by Perry’s opiate usage, which left him in a coma for two weeks and which he wasn’t supposed to survive, is one of the significant life events he describes in his book.

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In a recent interview, he stated, “To write it all down, I had to wait until I was somewhat safely sober and free from the active disease of alcoholism and addiction. The key thing was that I had a good feeling that it will benefit others.”

On November 1st, Perry’s book Friends, Lovers, and the Big Terrible Thing will be available.

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