When a teen singer reveals to the judges that she is Aretha Franklin’s granddaughter, they are taken aback…

She has such a grandma-like voice.

Grace Franklin knew she wanted to be a singer like her grandma since she was the granddaughter of a legendary diva.
After all, Aretha Franklin, the legendary singer, is her grandma.

Grace has consistently attended her grandma’s concerts and tours since she was a young child. They were devoted to one another, and the young girl’s only desire was to follow in her footsteps and become a well-known singer.

The young aspirant then went to submit an application for the most recent season of American Idol, which has Luke Bryan, Katy Perry, and Lionel Richie as judges. Her parents, Kafi and Kecalf Cunningham, were always there to support her in her love of singing.

Her father emphasized to her how proud her grandmother would have been of her for standing up for herself and pursuing her aspirations.
“Be aware that your grandmother is very proud of you and is keeping an eye on you. A 15-year-old entering American Idol? That’s a significant event, he said.

Grace had the stress of having to live up to the high expectations set for her by her late grandma, a well-known vocalist in every country.

Grace remarked, “I feel like people expect me to sing like she does, but I’m my own artist and I have my own voice.

Grace was ready to enter the audition room.
Grace entered the audition room and greeted the panel of judges. She casually remarked that she was Aretha’s daughter when they inquired about her identity and origins. Naturally, the judges were ecstatic about their discovery.

“Woah, stop it right away! That is granny for you. Lionel spoke out right away.

On the other side, Katy Perry only had one question:

Is it accurate to say that she had a little firearm in her purse?

Grace chuckled and reassured her that that wasn’t true, adding that her grandma truly had her handbag with her at all times. The judges and Grace continued to discuss Grace and her memories of Artha before the crucial moment arrived.

Grace got ready to break into song.
The young lady informed the judges that she will be performing the Lauryn Hill rendition of “Killing Me Softly.” She started singing a lovely rendition of the song, which captivated the judges’ attention. Although they enjoyed her music, the trio was ultimately unimpressed.

Because she had her eyes closed the entire time, Lionel noted that she appeared quite nervous. While Luke described her performance as “a touch drowsy and muted,”

Given that Grace could go all out to dazzle the judges and the nation because it was American Idol, Katy was eager to hear more from her. Katy then invited the adolescent to sing another song as a result.

Grace’s second song was the popular song by her grandmother, “Ain’t No Way.”

Luke remarked on how impressive her runs were following her performance. Katy Perry also talked about how she thought her runs were really planned out. Lionel, though, expected more from the promising vocalist.

In the end, Katy wanted Grace to continue her path to Hollywood, but Luke and Lionel had to say “No.” Lionel, who is quite familiar with her family, believes that Grace’s best course of action right now is to go backward. He did issue a challenge to the girl to come back stronger.

Despite the fact that Grace did not earn a spot after her initial audition, her charming song is nonetheless a sample of her talent. The future? After a few years, she might return, stronger and more prepared to triumph.

Watch the performance of Grace Franklin in the video down below:

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