When a youngster who was just 13 years old tried to sing in less than a minute like Celine Dion, the judges were so astonished that they jumped out of their chairs. Watch the video in the following…

At the singing competition “The Voice Kids Belgium,” a young man named Abu, who was only thirteen years old at the time, was able to win over the hearts of all of the audience members. And the hand of destiny was certainly behind it all.

He came from a musically talented family and got his start early on.

They assisted the young man in whatever manner that was possible and helped him improve his musical ability as a result of their assistance.

Then he met Rene Angel.

After then, everyone in the world became aware of her lyrical soprano, which was packed with a variety of emotions and sentiments.

She was the fourteenth child born to a family that had origins in both France and Canada. It was the 196th year of the Dion family when she was born on March 13, 1996. Her family’s name at the time was Dion.

The occurrence took occurred in the rural community of Charlie, which would one day grow to become an important section of Montreal, the most populous metropolis in the province of Quebec in Canada.

The up-and-coming celebrity spent their whole upbringing at this location. This is the place where he began his journey toward a career of international renown. Her family was there for her whenever she needed support. Adhemar and Teresa Dion both owned and operated a number of small bars. Not only did they manage to generate a little more dollars via this endeavor, but it also served to bring the whole family closer together.

The youngsters entertained their parents by singing and playing various instruments, including the accordion and the violin. Concerts of this kind were conducted every Sunday, providing young Celine with a wonderful opportunity to hone her performance abilities and become more comfortable interacting with an audience while on stage.

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