When Strangers on a Plane Hear Teacher Talk About Her Students, Everyone Opens Their Wallets To…

It was not the first time that Kimberly Bermudez felt compelled to gush about how much she loves her pupils while on a flight leaving Chicago; however, it was the first time that people responded with such compassion – a great illustration of “the Friendly Skies.”

The educator, who is 27 years old, was traveling to Florida to see her parents earlier this month on a Southwest aircraft when she was sat next to a “nice man” who inquired as to what she did for a livelihood. He was very interested in her profession.

She was overjoyed to talk about the joy she felt while working with the underprivileged children at Carlos Fuentes Elementary School, and she was delighted to speak about her students.

“When he asked about the greatest problem that I face, I was honest with him,” Bermudez posted on Facebook.

“When he asked about the greatest challenge that I face, I was honest with him.”

I explained to him that working in a school for students from low-income families can be quite difficult.

She lauded all of the excellent educators who put their own money out of their own pocket to provide for the students, whether it be for the purchase of school supplies, clothing, or even hygiene products.

The man informed her that he works for a corporation that frequently makes donations of such things to educational institutions and requested for her contact information at the same time.

After that, Kimber was taken aback by what had just taken place.

A gentleman who was seated behind her reached over and touched her on the shoulder before apologizing for listening in on their conversation.

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After that, he gave her an envelope full of cash and told her, “Do something spectacular!”

She started sobbing as soon as she looked down and noticed a one hundred dollar bill sitting on top.

The pleasant tale continued on after that point.

The individual who was standing on the opposite side of the room was also listening.

He admitted that he did not have much, but he nevertheless gave her twenty dollars.

“Just when I thought things couldn’t get much better, the man in front of me decides to turn around as well.

Additionally, he handed me money and stated that all he had was ten dollars.

She recounted to The Washington Post that she had told the audience, “I’m not here to seek money.” “And one of them answered, ‘I know,’” the story continues.

That is why we have decided to give it to you. Use your voice. Put your talent for communication to good use.’”

When she got off the plane and counted the money that the stranger sitting behind her had given to her, she discovered that the amount was $500.

“Right now, my mind and body are both in utter disbelief and awe.

Even in the most messed up parts of the world, there are still nice individuals,” writes Bermudez.

She intends to put the money toward purchasing new books for the kids, in light of the fact that they frequently express their regret at not having anything fresh to read in class.

She also mentions that anyone who is inspired by her tale and wants to help the school network that she works for can do so by making a donation.

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