“When you have a bad day, please just take this song and listen to their voices; I guarantee you will feel better,” listener wrote about this duet

Despite his enormous success as a solo performer, Michael Buble has always liked performing duets with singers he admires. Mariah Carey, Barbra Streisand, Blake Shelton, and many more

He wanted to sing with the wonderful voice he heard in the musical film The Greatest Showman for his album “Love.” Loren Allred was the owner of that voice.

“Help Me Make It Through The Night” is the title of the song, and it resonated with Buble on a personal level.

Despite the fact that the song was not intended as a duet, he believed it would be ideal for one. In the music video’s introduction, he explains why:

“My idea had always been so powerful. And in my head, it was always a duet, I had never heard it as a duet before, but I had always seen it as this incredible, sad, but beautiful story of two needy people who simply did not have the strength to be alone any longer… I had been watching a movie called ‘The Greatest Showman’… and I realized the actress, it wasn’t her singing, so I frantically started to comb YouTube to find out who this was… and I found Loren Allred! ”

The end effect is really stunning. “Michael Bublé and Loren Allred sounded so lovely together,” one listener noted, and another added, “When you have a rough day, please just take this song and listen to their voices; I guarantee you will feel better.”

Check out the video below to hear it for yourself.

And watch the video below to see Buble’s behind-the-scenes conversation about the making of the duet.

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