Why Judge Judy Believes Feminists And Political Correctness Are Bad

Judy Sheindlin, who is better known as “Judge Judy,” believes that feminists and those who espouse political correctness have only produced bad results for America. The Emmy Award winner didn’t hold back voicing her personal beliefs about the rich and powerful.

Judge Judy (Credit: YouTube)

If you can say one thing about Judge Judy, it’s that she doesn’t adhere to political correctness. Most people would describe the celebrity jurist as “very opinionated” and someone who doesn’t suffer fools gladly. However, Katie Couric made the big mistake of assuming the judge was a feminist, saying, “I think we’re both feminists.”

Judy’s response shocked the journalist. “I never considered myself to be a feminist,” the judge responded. “All through my career I never belonged to a women’s organization. I wasn’t a woman lawyer, I was a lawyer who happened to be a woman.” After the judge explained she believes in “individualism” and that high profile feminists “make a big mistake” by trying to “define” her, Couric was left visibly frustrated.

In another interview, Judge Judy further explained her views on feminists. “I believe in the individual spirit,” the Emmy Award-winning judge said. “It was hard for me to put my heart into organizations that were trying to tell me something that I never felt.” The New York-based TV star is from the same generation of high-profile women who were involved in the feminist movement in the 1970s. Two of those women who have been at the center of that movement are Hillary Clinton and Jane Fonda.

The judge had harsh words for Clinton when the former first lady decided to run for political office. “Quite frankly, I don’t know what Hillary’s done …. She had one major thing: She wanted universal healthcare. [It] fell on its derriere and nothing — it didn’t go anywhere! Other than that, what did she do?” the judge said. Even though Judge Judy doesn’t support the feminist movement, she does support individual women who deserve it. However, she had a huge issue with Clinton.

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Hillary Clinton (Credit: YouTube)

“This gal has another problem,” Judge Judy also said of Hillary Clinton. “And that is, I think, that there are so many talented women, that when you choose someone solely because she has a name that is recognizable, [it’s] really a travesty when you’re talking about all the other women who have really worked hard, who are good civil servants and who deserve that opportunity.”

Furthermore, Judge Judy isn’t a fan of Socialism or Bernie Sanders. “Senator Sanders’s revolution is not what this country needs. It’s a revolution that, A, is a joke, because it is fiscally impossible, and, B, wherever it has been tried on a large scale it’s failed,” the celebrity judge said. “So it’s really a joke to think that you can fool the American public.”

Judge Judy explained at the Forbes Women’s Summit why she believed feminism is more harmful than helpful to women (Credit: YouTube)

The political polar opposite of Judge Judy is Jane Fonda, who has been a longtime supporter of Socialism, going back to 1972 when she famously posed with North Vietnamese soldiers atop an anti-aircraft gun in Hanoi to protest the Vietnam War. The Coming Home actress also openly supported Bernie Sanders and spoke out about “white privilege” and “systemic racism,” terms that many people identify as “politically correct rhetoric.”

“Because we’re white, we have had privilege,” the actress said. “Even the poorest of us have had privilege, and we need to recognize that, and we have to understand what it is that keeps racism in place…when Donald Trump was elected [the] Band-aid was torn off and people could see very blatantly the racism in the country.”

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For her MSNBC interview, Jane Fonda wore a black beret and black turtleneck which is similar to the Black Panther uniform. (Credit: YouTube)

Judge Judy also dislikes those who aren’t “straight shooters” when it comes to speaking out. “Are my feelings necessarily P.C. and kumbaya? No, they are realistic,” she said in an interview, adding that ignoring the truth for the sake of political correctness is damaging. “[To] have a fear of speaking your opinion, for fear of being put on somebody’s list and canceled? It’s a frightening place for America to be.”

The judge also weighed in on how the “P.C. culture” is harming people in the United States more broadly. “In a society where there are no rules and boundaries are designed to be broken without consequence, people flail,” she said, citing “ridiculous” lawsuits, such as suing to allow emotional support animals into restricted areas.

Additionally, the opinionated judge sounded off on the Democrat Party. “Democrat candidates are fighting to out-left each other with pie-in-the-sky proposals for free money and free education,” she said. “Everybody gets a thousand dollars, everybody gets free college tuition. Everybody gets, everybody gets, but where does all this getting come from?”

Judge Judy, Hillary Clinton, and Jane Fonda are three women from the same generation who became very successful. While the former first lady and the A-list actress are proud Democrats who embraced the feminist movement while adhering to the P.C. culture, the celebrity judge took a different path. Judge Judy has no love for the feminist movement, embraces  “individualism,” and believes political correctness is undermining America. Is she right or wrong?