Will Smith Appears To Be The One Who Is Resisting A Divorce From Toxic Jada, ‘He Is Reportedly Scared Of…’

Will Smith Appears To Be The One Who Is Resisting A Divorce From Toxic Jada, ‘He Is Reportedly Scared Of…’

With the recent rumors that started taking a lot of steam in the past 24 hours, we have more information about Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith’s almost imminent divorce.

But gathering more information about this case, we can already tell who is the most concerned party that is pushing to not get a divorce.

Jada Pinkett Smith is already on record saying she never wanted the traditional type of marriage in the first place. Will Smith pushed her to pursue that lifestyle but her entanglement with August Alsina proves she was never fully complete by Will Smith’s side in the first place.

But the whole slapping incident has put things in overdrive for the couple, with the actor having to take a trip to India for a ‘spiritual awakening’.

According The National Enquirer, the night of the Oscars pushed Jada Pinkett Smith to force Will Smith to seek professional help.

A close source cited by the news outlet revealed that Pinkett Smith allegedly drew a line, he told Will that he either gets help or they are done.

If they are going through such a nasty time in their relationship and have suffered so much when they are together, then why isn’t it that easy to simply get a divorce?

Even if they split their fortune in half, both of them would still be set for life. An old video interview of Will Smith is the biggest clue to why the couple hasn’t split yet.

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Will Smith’s ‘we are not quitters’ philosophy.

A video from Will Smith’s ‘Concussion’ premiere is revealing about his marriage with Jada Pinkett Smith. He publicly admits that both of them have suffered and gone through the most excruciating experience of their lives.

However, he also keeps insisting they are ‘not quitters’. Meaning he is likely the one who is hell bent on keeping the marriage alive.

But the events from the recent Oscars ceremony immediately put everyone on high alert. Smith is scared of the idea of being considered a divorced man, but he doesn’t realize getting a divorce is arguably one of the most common practices of the 21st Century.