Woman relocates to a small island and performs nine jobs because no one else will do them…

Some people have abilities that can be viewed as superhuman.

To save victims, some people dive into the water or rush towards oncoming flames. Then there are those who build enormous families on their own by adopting as many kids as they can, like Sarah Moore.

Sarah Moore, 26, works nine jobs and lives on a small Scottish island.

Sarah used to reside in a major Scottish city, but she started to want for a quieter existence. She was unable to socialize with new people or build strong bonds with her community because of the overwhelming throng.

“Even though Edinburgh has a large population, it seemed lonely. I only knew the folks to my left and right in the 23 years I lived in the same house, but I know everyone here,” she remarked.

Sarah had worked in retail prior to relocating outside of the city a few years ago. She claimed that several of her pals had trouble landing a single job.

“There isn’t any grass or beauty, and the city is too busy. There was only a dead-end job for me,” the woman claimed.

After that, Sarah relocated to the island of North Ronaldsay, which has 45 residents. Sarah is the youngest person on the island, but the average age of the populace is 65.

She began taking on more and more work as a result of the lack of personnel.

Currently, Sarah works as a home care aide, air traffic controller, bag handler, postal operative, excavator operator, tour guide, firefighter, sheepherder, and island community council secretary.

Thankfully, she is not required to work at every job every day.

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“I enjoy a little diversity, and I definitely have that here. It can be challenging to remember what tasks I have to complete on any given day,” she admitted.

The neighborhood does, however, have certain peculiarities.

“There is pressure to settle down and have some kids because I’m the youngest person on the island.”

By telling young guys on other surrounding islands that Sarah is single, the elderly locals make sure they “assist” Sarah.

Some of the more senior citizens practically handed the young men my resume, she claimed. Although awkward, everything was done in good humor.

Fortunately, Sarah seemed to have settled into her new surroundings.

“I love it, but it’s not an easy life here, and nobody comes here to get rich,” one person said.

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