Hero Firefighters Perform Incredible Rescue, Rappelling Down NYC High-Rise Apartment But This Happened to Them…

New York City Firefighters rescued two ladies from a burning building by rappelling down the side of the structure.

A resident of a high-rise apartment building in Manhattan’s midtown was rescued by firefighters who rappelled down from above just in time to save her from the engulfing flames.

Belvon Koranteng, the first firefighter on the rope, and Arthur Podgorski, who grabbed the victim from her precarious position and took her through the window on the floor below, were two of the four firefighters participating in this so-called roof rope rescue.

Both were attached to ropes that were secured in the upper floor flat. Two other rescue workers, Darren Harsch and Adam Nordenschild, were also involved…

Midtown East neighbor Daniel Schwartz told CBS News, “There’s just nothing but smoke, and then the firefighters appear, and once they were there, they got a handle on it fairly fast.”

“I mean, really incredible to witness that.”

After a fire started in an East 52nd Street apartment because of a lithium-ion battery, many occupants said they did not hear any smoke alarms…

But since they lived in fire-proof apartments, they were ordered to remain in their rooms until it was safe to flee…

Amy Bernstein, a nearby resident, stated that she and others witnessed the entire rappel in real time and that she cried when she realized they had succeeded.

I have nothing but praise for the New York City firemen,” Bernstein remarked. To put it simply, they performed an incredible job.

The intensity of their concentration was plain to witness. They were putting themselves in harm’s way to save this guy, and it was plain to see.

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At a press conference, Firefighter Podgorski represented his crew, noting that everyone involved had a part to play, from himself, who hoisted the woman out the window, to his colleague, who tied the ropes inside the flat.

Firefighters are heroes almost automatically, and the FDNY is unparalleled.

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