The Secret Behind Babbel. An Expert Explains Why This Language-Learning App Is the Best

Berlin is an international city where you can everyday hear fragments of conversations in dozens of languages.

We are 600 language aficionados crammed into a five-story building in the heart of Berlin, which is one reason why Berlin is the ideal city for Babbel’s headquarters.

Babbel has staff from more than 60 nations who speak more languages than you can think, all of them work on a single popular product in this market.

I am frequently asked at work how Babbel is so effective at teaching people new languages. To answer this topic, I sat down with our multilingual employee, Belen Caeiro.

She heads the Product Marketing team at Babbel and is intimately familiar with the app. Here is what she stated about why Babbel is so helpful for language acquisition…

The Success Of Babbel Is Based On Three Pillars

Belen noted that she was fortunate to have parents that supported her international education.

Before moving to Berlin, she lived in Spain, Singapore, the Philippines, the United States, and the Netherlands. Her life experiences have proven that Babbel is the best fit for her:

“I am aware that all the nice things that have occurred in my life were made possible by learning a new language.”

There is little doubt in Belen’s mind that today, possibly more than ever before, we must learn new languages in order to comprehend one another and incorporate fresh ideas into our way of thinking.

This is the first pillar around which Babbel’s language-learning platform is founded.

At Babbel, everything revolves on conversation.

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“We learn a new language so that we can communicate with others. To make this feasible, our product has a few unique characteristics, as Belen describes.

She launched the Babbel application on her laptop and pointed to the course summary. Babbel’s language-learning information is organized into appropriate categories. ,.

Depending on the language, you will see cultural characteristics and the most frequent conversation subjects right away.

Utilizing public transportation, ordering food, and communicating desires are at the top of the list.

Belen notes that the learning material builds upon itself, making orientation simple. However, if you only need to review a few concepts, you can jump right in!

Belen clicks “next” on a lesson and then the microphone icon: “We continuously improve our product based on customer feedback.” We are aware that our users wish to perfect their pronunciation thanks to our customer care team and the feedback we receive at meetups.

Our product’s speech recognition feature assists them in doing so.”

Babbel’s online language-learning platform is likewise based on tried-and-true exercises, such as fill-in-the-blanks, that are as realistic as possible. Belén exemplifies the principle:

“In Babbel, the dialogue trainer simulates the course of an actual conversation, similar to a dry run. Thus, new vocabulary is reinforced and common idioms are naturally practiced.”

Even the method by which we teach grammar emphasizes dialogue, according to Belen. Babbel is designed so that users can engage in natural conversation as rapidly as feasible.

Babbel is not as lively as other apps; it lacks the game-like elements that make other apps more entertaining. “However, this is a clear decision on our part,” Belen explained.

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“We want our students to put down their phones and succeed with their new language in the real world.”

In this vein, Belen remarked, “We believe that this interpersonal experience is a far more effective motivator than a flashing screen could ever be, and we find that our customers return for this precise reason and continue to learn.”

Pillar 2: Our Experts Are People, Not Machines

At Babbel, we are renowned for our 150 language experts that are devoted to teaching new languages and cultures. The majority of our professionals have already taught in schools, universities, and evening programs.

They challenge one another to undertake new endeavors, such as studying French in three weeks or sign language in one month.

Even if our experts enjoy overcoming new problems enormously, the primary objective of these linguistic acrobats is to place themselves in the position of a student.

This is the only method to determine what is truly beneficial for learning.

“Our trained specialists are the driving force behind our product. We rely on the fact that each course is created by hand as a quality guarantee, regardless of your native language or the language you are learning.”

The linguistic understanding that distinguishes Babbel is based on the link between different languages. French and Italian, for example, are more closely related and share a greater number of commonalities than French and German.

These commonalities, according to Belen, are “learning shortcuts”: “With Babbel, you learn efficiently since our language experts are aware of these learning shortcuts and have incorporated them into the product.”

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Additionally, Belen emphasized that the product’s shortcuts have been shown successful in studies and have won numerous accolades.

Third pillar: Our user-centric design maintains the emphasis on your learning.

The benefit of learning a language with Babbel is that the material is tailored to your specific requirements.

Whether you’re a night owl or a commuter, you always have access to Babbel on your preferred device, even offline if you download the lessons in advance.

Belen stated, “Babbel’s subscription model enables you to continue studying continuously.”

“Once you have access to the product, you have access to all learning materials; you do not need to unlock special content again in the future.”

The product is continuously updated with new content from our professionals so that you receive a freshly designed course.

Belen is proud not only of the product’s user-centric design, but also of the product’s features: “Your passion for learning is what determines your future success.

Because of this, we’ve designed a tool that allows you to locate learning content that is matched to your needs and objectives.”

Travel is your reason for learning a new language. Here is our proposal for the appropriate lessons to take. “Of course, the story doesn’t finish there,” Belen laughed. With Babbel, you are never left to learn alone.

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