VIDEO: Bear’s popcorn theft from van caught on camera in Tennessee. Bear was surprised when…

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Nov. 16 (UPI) — A North Carolina family filmed a bear breaking into their Tennessee cabin, stealing a bag of popcorn, and invading their property.

Teniesh Pinnix uploaded a series of videos to Facebook of the bear that appeared outside their Gatlinburg cabin rental.

Pinnix observed as the bear inspected the vehicles parked in front of the chalet and eventually gained access to an unlocked van after discovering the door was unlocked.

Before departing the area, the bear stole a bag of popcorn from the van…

Pinnix told the Queen City News, “I’m from Caswell County, and there are some unusual animals out there, but I’ve never seen a bear.”

Later, the family discovered that the bear had entered into a nearby vehicle and stolen a bag of chips.

Pinnix stated that the episode was instructive.

She advised, “Don’t leave anything in your car.”

Watch the video.

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