Kirstie Alley referred to John Travolta as the “Greatest Love” of her life, and John Travolta expressed his feelings for her after she passed away…

Kirstie Alley never let anyone’s criticism to affect her behavior and always did what she desired. But despite her feelings for her co-star John Travolta, the actress insisted that she would never cheat on her spouse. After learning of her unexpected passing, Travolta confirmed the two had a wonderful connection in a moving memorial that he had written.

After playing Shelley Long in the television show “Cheers,” Kirstie Alley received recognition from all around the world. After achieving great success in the NBC series for which she was nominated for and won both an Emmy and a Golden Globe, she went on to star in another comedy called “Veronica’s Closet.”

Even though she played the major role in the program “Veronica’s Closet,” which also got her nominations for the Golden Globes, the actress did not have the same level of substantial popularity as she had during her time on “Cheers.”

Despite this, Alley has built an outstanding career for himself. The dedicated actress landed roles in a number of programs and noteworthy films that included well-known stars such as John Travolta.

Kirstie Alley referred to John Travolta as the “Greatest Love” of her life, and John Travolta expressed his feelings for her after she passed away.

While working on the “Look Who’s Talking” flicks, Alley and Travolta created a genuine on-screen relationship between the two of them. During the time when Alley’s character, Mollie, was pregnant, the two actors happened to run into one other by happenstance.

She dashed into a cab, and Travolta, who was playing the role of James, was the driver. Mollie’s baby daddy had left her, so she planned to bring up her kid by herself. James, however, came to her rescue; the two of them fell in love, and they brought up the child together.

Fans learned about their experiences as parents, including the difficulties they faced and the strategies they used to overcome them. It was impossible to deny the connection that they had on film, and off screen, they were very good friends.

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Alley confessed to Howard Stern that she had feelings for her former co-star more than two decades after they had worked together in the entertainment industry, and she said that the attraction was reciprocal.

They did not allow the intensity of their feelings for one another to completely consume them. In 1991, Travolta wed Kelly Preston, who was already married to Parker Stevenson (whom she divorced in 1997), despite the fact that his on-screen love interest was also married.

During the same interview in 2013, the former cast member of “Cheers” revealed that it took her a long time to get over her attraction to John Travolta. She stated, “it took me years to not look at John as a romantic interest.” After that, Alley referred to him as “the greatest love of my life,” and then she concluded, “but I’m over it now.”

Because I would never cheat on my spouse with another man, there was never any kind of sexual interaction between us.

After five years, the actress from “Veronica’s Closet” proudly reaffirmed that she loved him and that she had never once entertained the idea of breaking her vows in order to fulfill her yearning. Nevertheless, the actress who said that she was a “firm believer in loyalty” disclosed the following:

“I had a feeling that I kissed Travolta, and I came very close to eloping with John. I did love him, and I do love him to this day. If I weren’t already married, I definitely would have gone and married him, and our wedding would have taken place in the air, given that he has his own jet.”

Surprisingly, despite Travolta’s marriage to Preston, the “Look Who’s Talking” actors kept up their flirty friendship until she brought it up. Alley said that the wife of the “Grease” star contacted her, and that she promptly put a halt to the confrontation.

They both had quite different lives; the actor stayed married to his wife until she passed away in 2020, while Alley, who never remarried, concentrated on raising her two children, a boy named True and a daughter named Lilie Parker. Neither of them ever dated anyone else.

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In the end, she was relieved that they had managed to resist giving in to their desire. The former contestants on “Dancing With the Stars” pointed out that they were similar, and that their similarities would have been more detrimental to their lives than beneficial had they chosen other paths in life.

Sudden Death of Kristie Alley

Alley, a popular actress on the program “Cheers,” has gone away at the age of 71, exactly forty years after she first won the hearts of viewers with her presence on the show.

The recipient of an Emmy passed away unexpectedly on December 5, 2022, shortly after receiving a diagnosis of cancer. She was encircled by her family, yet she did not have a companion. Donovan Daughtry, her manager, was the one who broke the awful news, and seconds after their mother passed away, her children released a statement that read:

She was an even better mother and grandmother than she was an icon on the big screen, which is saying a lot considering how famous she was.

Even though their mother’s passing was sudden and unexpected, True and Lilie both admitted that their mother fought bravely to the very last and that they would continue the legacy that she left behind. The following information was released about their announcement:

“She battled with incredible courage while being accompanied by her closest family members, leaving us with the confidence of her never-ending pleasure of life and whatever experiences lay ahead.”

In point of fact, off-screen as much as on, she has a wonderful personality. Alley bestowed onto the world her extraordinary skill, and up until the time of her passing, she continued to perform professionally, exploring various acting roles in order to better connect with her audience.

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Through her great performances in films such as “Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan,” “The Match Game,” “Kirstie” on CBS’s television drama “David’s Mother,” and “Fat Actress,” Alley left a legacy of fond memories in the hearts of many people.

Alley enthralled viewers with a hilarious performance in the showtime series “Fat Actress,” which aired in 2005. In the series, Alley portrayed a fictitious version of herself while displaying her real-life concerns, one of which was the criticism she received over her fluctuating weight.

A Tribute to Kirstie Alley from John Travolta

Not too long after Alley’s children announced that their mother had passed away, her old co-star, John Travolta, posted a tribute that was both heartbreaking and unexpected. The actor acknowledged that they have a special connection with one other. After Alley’s admission that they were dating, this was the first time that Travolta would talk about his feelings for Alley and how much he loved her.

After learning of her passing, he shared two vintage images from the “Look Who’s Talking” series on his Instagram account. The first one had her wearing a wedding dress, while the second one showed the couple exchanging penetrating glances while smiling at one another while standing in a position that was almost an embrace. The caption that went along with the image read:

“My friendship with Kirstie was really one of the most important and memorable experiences of my life. I adore you, Kirstie. I have no doubt that our paths will cross once again.”

There is no question that Alley and Travolta had a unique connection that only the two of them knew, and despite the things that each of them did, that connection was never severed, not even by the passage of time or death. They kept each other near in their thoughts, and their connection is like reading an amazing love novel that was never written. Kirstie, may you finally rest in peace!

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