TikTok Chef Defends Her Viral Pink Sauce After Facing Backlash… See what happened to her

The chef who made Pink Sauce, the latest food item to go viral on TikTok, is putting to rest rumors about her Barbie-colored sauce.

Chef Pii, the creator of Pink Sauce and a chef in Miami, talked to the Washington Post about the criticism she’s gotten since her videos went viral.

The hot pink color of Pii’s $20-per-bottle hot pink sauce comes from red dragon fruit, and it goes well with chicken tenders, burgers, burritos, and salads.

Since Pii, who is 29, first posted about it at the beginning of June, people have complained about shipping problems and asked if Pii follows laws about food safety.

She told the Washington Post, “I’m a normal person, and when I woke up, I was insulted a million times.” “People are very interested in what I made. And they want to hurt you.”

Before it was available to the public, viewers told the chef that she was wrong to sell a sauce without telling people what it tastes like.

“You can’t describe the taste of the sauce because it tastes like nothing else,” she said in a video in response to criticism that her descriptions of the tastes were too vague. “It has sweet, spicy, and sour tastes.”

Fans have only recently been able to try the sauce for themselves. An article from The Daily Beast says that pre-sales of the Pink Sauce began on June 25, but it didn’t start shipping until July 1.

The general opinion of those on TikTok who tried the dip? Users like @chrissamone and @jade.amberrrrr say it tastes like a sweet, seasoned ranch that is thin and watery.

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When customers got the condiment at home, they started to complain, but the personal chef was quick to make improvements.

People noticed that the labels on the bottles were wrong. The wrong label said that there were 444 servings, when it should have said that there were 444 grams and only about 30 servings. (Pii has since fixed the problem for new bottles.)

Since the first shipments, the person who made the bottles said she switched to a different shipping company because some customers complained that the bottles leaked during shipping.

Even though some online viewers said that she makes the sauce in her home kitchen, Pii told the Washington Post that this is not true.

She said that her item is legal and safe. She said that she makes it in a business that the FDA has approved.

In a TikTok video posted on Wednesday, the person who made the sauce answered these criticisms.

In the video, which had several apologies, she said, “Okay, you guys, it’s time to talk about the elephant in the room.” “I’m just a person… A small business that is moving very, very quickly.”

The Washington Post says that Pii has exciting plans for the sauce. She fixed the problem with the labels so that all of the new bottles have the right numbers. She is also now sending thank-you notes and an extra gift with each purchase.

She wants to lower the price of each bottle and hopes to one day work with a fast-food chain.

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