She refused modern life and constructed a tiny earthen home in woods to live close to nature…

The majority of individuals would define their ideal home as having all the conveniences that contemporary life has to offer. However, the complete opposite of modernisation is the reality for this woman who lives in the Welsh wilderness.

She doesn’t have access to running water, electricity, the internet, or even a phone because she resides in an earthen home. Emma has lived in this unusual tiny house for 20 years; it cost her only £1000

And the reason for this is not that she lacks the money to live in a “normal” house. Emma decided against engaging in what most of us would consider “modern” living and developed her own parallel universe.

Emma didn’t want to be a wage slave who had to put in endless hours of work just to get by. She thinks that the Earth wants people to be happy, and she has discovered that living alone in a house made entirely of natural materials gives her the most fulfillment.

This amazing woman is as liberated as liberated can be. She is not concerned with the demands of daily life. She doesn’t have to worry about debt, rent, or credit cards.

Emma owns the property on which her earthen home is situated, making it lawful for her to live there. She has goats and chicks that give her milk and eggs for meals.

She prepares her meals over an open fire and draws potable, clean water from the creek that flows by her house.

Summers there are beautiful, but she acknowledges that winters can be extremely difficult. For Emma to survive during the colder months, she must carry water, chop wood, and perform a variety of other tasks.

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She claims that her home is the outcome of trial and error. Her walls are constructed of straw bales, and her roof is affixed to them.

Emma created the plaster herself using clay and horse manure. The 4 meters wide hut makes for a warm place to live in the winter.

Her roof is “alive” and covered with vegetation, so from a distance, it wouldn’t be obvious that there was a tiny house inside.

For someone who considers living in harmony with nature to be the true way to live, it just integrated well with its surroundings.

Emma enjoys getting natural sunlight from the sun and the moon, thus the house has a lot of windows with no curtains.

Each rafter that makes up her ceiling is stacked on top of the one before it, creating an artistic structure. Emma claims that since each piece of wood aids in supporting the burden, this is a metaphor for equality.

Emma also built a fireplace inside her house, where she uses it to cook when it’s too cold outside and heat water for her tea.
Additionally, Emma cannot prepare her meals standing up because she lacks any tables or counters, contrary to how most people do it.

She truly doesn’t have any furniture, not even any cabinets or cupboards, so she works on the floor while seated or squatting, as she claims to prefer it.

Emma gets her water from a creek for her hygiene requirements. She boasts a composting toilet, a sauna, and a fire-heated bathtub. She can also go swimming whenever she wants in the neighboring river.

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She actually has no furniture, not even any cabinets or cupboards, so she sits or squats on the floor to work, claiming that she prefers it.

Emma takes her water for sanitary needs from a brook. She boasts a sauna, a fire-heated bathtub, and a composting toilet. Additionally, she has access to the nearby river whenever she wants to go swimming.

Watch the video to see her house in full details:

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